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Established: 1998
Employees: 130
HQ: New York City, New York
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Tower Research Capital LLC Job Description

Founded by Mark Gorton in 1998, Tower Research Capital LLC C is a New York-based financial services firm that specializes in quantitative investment strategies and trading. With thirteen (13) years of operation, this company develops propriety trading algorithms by utilizing intensive statistical research methods to identify non-random patterns in the market’s behavior. These methodologies developed by the company enabled them to gain exceptional returns lessening risks.

Tower Research Capital LLC Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Tower Research Capital LLC Quantitative Analyst Job Description

Sometimes called Financial Engineer, Quantitative Analyst studies the market’s behavior and statistics for him or her to develop and create quantitative models. These models developed are then utilized to create live trading systems for trading equities. With this kind of job, he or she should have an advanced degree like master’s degree or a Ph.D. in the field of engineering, mathematics, statistics of in any related field of analyses. Companies often hire Quantitative Analysts with an attention to their highest degree obtained and the school they obtained their degree since this is a highly competitive and difficult job. A quantitative analyst should have a strong command in mathematics applying advanced mathematical and statistical data to predict market shifts. He or she must also have a good background in programming, large data modeling and highly computer literate. On a daily basis, he or she is responsible for analyzing performance of the trade business and provide solutions to any problems that arise.

Tower Research Capital LLC Quantitative Analyst Job Salary: $99,286

  • Tower Research Capital LLC Software Developer Job Description

A Software Developer is responsible for researching, writing, designing and testing new software programs. He or she oversees some areas to be improved in the computer system and develops the existing system for improvement. He or she also looks for new technologies that can be applied and be integrated in the company’s system. He or she should have problem-solving capabilities to trouble shoot and look for ways to solve issues in the computer systems. One should also be natural software seeker trying new software and attending seminars and external courses to widen his or her knowledge of the field.

Tower Research Capital LLC Software Developer Job Salary: $83,000

  • Tower Research Capital LLC Fixed Income Trader Job Description

To be a Fixed Income Trader, one should possess highly competitive skills to thrive in this kind of profession. This profession, once done well, can be financially rewarding both in the company’s side and on your side as a trader. Unlike stock market and equities trading that yields, sometimes unpredictable returns, fluctuating returns, a fixed income trader is involved in trading investments that gains fixed or regular returns. A Fixed Income Trader prepares and organizes the purchasing and selling of a debt instrument. He or she bases their decisions on factors like market and company trends, prices and information. He or she usually carry outs the transaction over the phone.

Tower Research Capital LLC Fixed Income Trader Job Salary: $104,000

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