Transportation Security Administration

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Established: 2001
Employees: 58,401
HQ: Arlington County, Virginia
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Transportation Security Administration Job Description

The Transportation Security Administration also known as TSA is a US Department of Homeland Security agency who is responsible for the safety and security of the traveling facilities in the United States. They are based in Pentagon City, Arlington County, Virginia. The Transportation Security Administration was created as a result to the September 11, 2001 attacks. The organization was given the responsibility to develop policies to protect US transportation most especially in airport security and the prevention of aircraft hijacking. The organization has approximately 52,000 employees. The Transportation Security Administration protects the Nation’s transport systems to make sure freedom of movement for the people and the commerce. Their workforce mainly responsible for saving lives life in every occurrence in the area they are serving.

Transportation Security Administration Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Transportation Security Administration Transportation Security Officer Job Description

The Transportation Security Officer mainly provides security and safety for passengers, aircraft and airports within the state. The Transportation Security Officer is a worker of the US Department of Homeland Security and is directly responsible for primary passenger and baggage screening in the the traveling areas. Specific duties of a Transportation Security Officer include examining and do inspections to baggage as it pass through X-ray machines and screening passengers with gadgets issued for inspection. Also do inspections on walk-through detectors and other electronic devices as per accordant to the Transportation Security Administration. A Transportation Security Officer he or she has also given the responsibility to control and monitor entry and exit points to secure transportation areas like terminals, air-side gates, baggage counters and other common areas.

Transportation Security Administration Transportation Security Officer Salary: $35,105

  • Transportation Security Administration Program Analyst Job Description

A program analyst which is also known as an operations research analyst, is a certified personnel who analyze industry programs to help in the improvement of more well-organized systems, reducing costs, improving programs or implementing innovative programs. The programs or services can be internal or external for customers of the organization. Serving as a consultant to the higher level of management he or she analyze program s and plans, set up, and create a comprehensive report to develop the overall development and implementation of organizational programs. This includes numeric or investigation and assessment of programs. In addition to this, the program analyst does management of information about rising initiatives and plan of accomplishment.

Transportation Security Administration Program Analyst Salary: $78,394

  • Transportation Security Administration General Manager Job Description

The General Manager is the primary player in maintaining the smooth and efficient operations and transactions of the organization. The General Manager responsibilities change depending on the situation occurring in the department. The General Manager is responsible for all aspects of the company’ operation. The General Manager is responsible of the overall area in the company. The General Manager will prepare, direct and match up various aspects of the part he or she covers. He will make certain that operations run smoothly and according to company policy and standards. Does reports to executive staff members such as a vice president, director or chief operating officer in the organization.

Transportation Security Administration General Manager Salary: $107,038

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