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Tumbleweed Job Description

Tumbleweed is a chain of restaurant originally located at Louisville. This restaurant is famous for its different variety of grilled food like burger, seafood and burritos. It’s a perfect family destination. Besides the mouthwatering food, this restaurant is famous for its highly efficient employees. If anyone is given a chance to work in this organization, the success of that employee is sure to happen. This restaurant provides a team based environment in order to give a pleasant feeling to the guests. Tumbleweed’s “Reach for Wow” initiative gives the candidate of different talent and capacity to work with this organization.

Tumbleweed Job Positions and Duties

  • Tumbleweed Cashier Job Description

The main job description of a cashier in any restaurant and especially at Tumbleweed is not only related to dealing with the financial matters. He or she also has to take care of the customers order, answer the queries and take care of customer services. The cashier mainly prepares the bill of the customer and gets the payment from them. Apart from this, maintaining the cash register, other financial transaction as well as the customer services activities has to be looked after by the cashier. Proper knowledge on math and accounting is the basic quality which is required in order to be a cashier at Tumbleweed.

Tumbleweed Cashier hourly salary:$10.00

  • Tumbleweed Restaurant Manager Job Description

At Tumbleweed, the restaurant manager has to look after the overall performance of the restaurant including the kitchen and the cash counter. The restaurant manager basically have to estimate the food consumption, place order with the suppliers, maintain employees record, payroll and pay bills, oversee the training of the staff and above all to maintain strictly the standards and norm of the company. The working profiles of the managers are very stressful so they must be ready to work in any fast-paced environment. The restaurant manager must be very creative so that he or she can initiate and implement the ideas when and where required to safeguard the image of the company.

Tumbleweed Restaurant Manager Hourly Salary:$14.25

  • Tumbleweed Cook Job Description

To be a cook at Tumbleweed does not mean that the person should know the art of good cooking. He or she should also know the art of cleanliness. With good food it is also equally important how and in which manner the food is cooked. The cook must know the basics of cleaning the food, food materials, utensils and the place of cooking. As Tumbleweed is famous for its grilled food, the cook must know the methods of handling and operating the grilling equipments. Moreover the presentation of dishes is also done by the cook. The head cook also directs and gives instructions to other subordinate cooks.

Tumbleweed Cook Hourly Salary:$ 8.50

  • Tumbleweed Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager has to look after the entire work of the restaurant when his shift is going on. The working hour will not be quite long but will always be tight scheduled. The shift manager has to deal with many people together, so he or she must posses good organizational skills. There are some minor tasks which the shift manager has to do while on duty. These minor tasks include maintaining the paperwork, bank transaction, financial transaction and keeping the records.

Tumbleweed Shift Manager Hourly Salary: $9.00

Tumbleweed Job application form online

At Tumbleweed’s official website one can fine different career opportunities which are available at the restaurants at different locations.
At the link http://tumbleweedrestaurants.com/careers.html one can find the list of all the jobs available.
One can also download the application form. Similarly at http://tumbleweedrestaurants.com/files/pdfs/application.pdf one can easily fill the employment application form and submit it in the required email address. One can fill up the form for whichever post he or she fits in.

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