Tween Brands

by Publishing Team on December 23, 2010

Tween Brands Job Description

Tween Brands was formerly known as Too, Inc. that operates Justice branded stores which started on 1980’s. It primarily retails clothing, undergarments, lifestyle and individual care products, sleepwear and swimwear for young girls ages 7 to 14 years old a very competitive price. The company is not visible at any operating malls but instead in the core of power centers and lifestyle centers in more than 900 stores in the United States.

Tween Brands Duties and Responsibilities

  • Financial Analyst

The Financial Analyst is in charge in creating and allocating financial fund outline and giving support to department heads during breakdown, evaluation and roll-up of budget submissions; goes in partnership with corporate department heads to guarantee appropriate communication that involves monthly performance, possible jeopardy or chance to budget. In addition, the financial analyst provides fitting analysis to department heads in expenditure tracking timetables, monthly fund or projection vs. definite dashboard and others; synchronizes, give details and settle alterations to the weekly projection and set up projection summary; set up answer analysis on corporate operating cost for yearly or periodic seasonal budgets and Board of Directors material; brings together every single financial program unpaid for budgets and confirm for correctness; makes a balance sheet forecasting devise that will allow for a correct cash flow forecast. The financial analyst assists Director, Analysis and Financial Planning with ad hoc examination or projects.

Financial Analyst Salary: $45,000.00-$65,000.00

  • Technical Designer

The technical designer coordinates and monitors the item of clothing’s technical growth process from plan development to production; examines and reviews products for fit, structure, and general quality; directs fit sessions, evaluates fit and precisely communicates corrections of assigned product area; handles and takes charge of all styles from order appointment through manufacture including analysis reports, pre-production, and peak of production samples to meet up with the time and act calendar; set ups, keeps an eye and preserves fit, structure and workmanship standards for the product grouping and guarantees reliability across each and every one of vendor and factory bases; develops, brings up to date and makes the most of blocks and patterns to ensure standards are being met; grants technical proficiency and support to cross serviceable teams on fit improvement and pre-production activities; watches over, recognizes and supports the needs of straight information, instructs and guides in the management of product areas if relevant; and does research on dimension, fit and shape, manufacture techniques and labeling.

Technical Designer Salary: $40,000.00-$60,000.00

Tween Brands Job Application Form Online

Visit and to apply online and for detailed information about the offered positions in Tween Brands.

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