United States Department of Labor

by Publishing Team on February 16, 2011

United States Department of Labor Job Description

The United States Department of Labor is a planning board department of the United States government who is responsible for occupational safety, salary and hour standards, unemployment and employment services and benefits and several economic data point. They are based in Washington, Dc with approximately 100,000-110,000 employees. The United States Department of Labor is headed by the United States Secretary of Labor. The function of the Department of Labor is to foster, support, and develop the welfare of the wage earner, job seekers, and retirees of the state. Also includes improvement on working conditions or advance opportunities for economic employment and assure work-related benefits and rights. In carrying out the departments mission they handles and implements more than 180 national laws in the state.

United States Department of Labor Job Positions and Descriptions

  • US Department of Labor Economist Job Description

The Economists are responsible for studying how social group deals resource like on land, work, raw materials and machines for the department to produce goods and services within the standard. The Economists conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, exchange rates, business taxes and among others. The Economists create acts for acquiring the information they need. The Economists use techniques to conduct a study, and several numerical techniques that may be useful in doing their survey . The Economists prepare reports which includes tabular and charts illustrations.

US Department of Labor Economist Salary: $70,667

  • US Department of Labor Investigator Job Description

The Investigator primarily investigates individuals suspected for committing fraud or error related to the activities and programs with in the department. The Investigator makes personal inclinations on individuals in question and tactfully tries to secure and keep evidence or personal entry that individual being examined rest on to the previous service and obtains pertinent data to show that suspicion was groundless.

US Department of Labor Safety and Health Specialist Salary: $75,935

  • US Department of Labor Procurement Analyst Job Description

The Procurement Analyst which is also known as procurement specialist is responsible for managing all merchant relations for their employer. He or she arranges for the purchasing of all materials, equipment, materials, property and services that the department needs to functions. The Procurement Analyst has closely related with the finance department in which they ensures all purchases and acquisitions are made within the departments budget in an effort to confirm to all best practices performed in the department. The Procurement Analyst also assists in the development purchasing best practices. If ever the budget has been decided, the analyst is free to begin building relationships with external marketers. Each time a company purchase is to be made, he researches various vendors. In addition to shopping for the best price, he also searches for best quality of service or product. Once a short list of providers has been identified, provided they meet predetermined criteria stated in purchasing best practices, the list is presented to the purchasing business line.

US Department of Labor Procurement Analyst Salary: $84,372

United States Department of Labor Career Opportunities Online

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