Urban Outfitters

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Established: 1970
Employees: 5,100
HQ: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Urban Outfitters Job Description

Operating more than 130 stores in US, Canada, and Europe, Urban Outfitters provides a shopping experience that is lifestyle specific for those who are educated and urban minded individuals aging 18- 30 years old in both online and in the stores.

Urban Outfitters Positions and Duties

  • Urban Outfitters Store Manager Job Description

The store manager sales operation and takes accountability of the whole store’s sales, service profitability, and loss prevention. The store manager exercises judgment and initiative in a way where the store environment fosters creativity and provides inspiration to the team members as well as the customers.

Urban Outfitters Store Manager Salary: $61, 250

  • Urban Outfitters Department Manager Job Description

The Department Manager takes full accountability of department handled ensuring sales and profitability. The Department Manager motivates and trains sales team members in his/ her department to increase the department’s productivity and sales outcome.

Urban Outfitters Department Manager Salary: $33, 050

  • Urban Outfitters Visual Manager Job Description

The Visual Manager continuously makes improvements in the different aspects of the store to create an environment that is visually enticing and appealing to customers to increase profitability and maximize sales through product placement. A Visual Manager supervises the receiving and displaying processes within the store as well.

Urban Outfitters Visual Manager Salary: $48, 502

  • Urban Outfitters Team Leader Job Description

The Team Leader works in conjunction with the department manager. He/she creates an environment that is less threatening to the team members to foster their professional growth and personal growth.

Urban Outfitters Team Leader Hourly Salary: $9.69

  • Urban Outfitters Sales Associate Job Description

A Sales Associate works to achieve sales by being able to convince a customer to buy a product. He/she must treat customers respectfully. He/she must be knowledgeable of the products they sell to be able to answer customer questions about the product and assist a customer purchase the product he/she needs.

Urban Outfitters sales Associate Hourly Salary: $8.48

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