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Established: 1947
Employees: 498,680
HQ: The Pentagon
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US Air Force Job Description

The US Air Force is one of the components of the US Armed Forces. The Air Force is the United States aerial warriors. It was initially part of the United States Army but then separated on September 18, 1947 to form a new military branch. The Air Force, with its advanced technology, performs its core functions which includes Nuclear Deterrence Operations, Special Operations, Air Superiority, Global Integrated ISR, Space Superiority, Command and Control, Cyberspace Superiority, Personnel Recovery, Global Precision Attack, Building Partnerships, Rapid Global Mobility and Agile Combat Support. There are also ways other than being in active service in serving the Air Force which includes the Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve.

US Air Force Job Positions and Duties

  • US Air Force Air Traffic Control Specialist Job Description

The Air Traffic Control Specialist will be responsible to manage aircraft traffic and movement in flight or in ground. Also included in his/ her responsibilities are issuing advisories about the weather, terrain, pilot reports, airfield and airfield equipment status, and control and landing systems. He/she also issues air traffic clearances and directions to facilitate aircraft assignment for aircraft operating instrument flight rules and visual flight rules. The Air Traffic Control Specialist also controls communication and radar equipment.

US Air Force Air Traffic Control Specialist Annual Salary Range: $68,809.00 – $89,450.00

  • US Air Force Equipment Specialist Job Description

An Equipment Specialist will serve as an expert advisor regarding complicated and sophisticated equipment/ systems like the ISRD and DCGS equipment/ systems that would support major commands and subordinate units. He/she is expected to have expertise regarding subject matters as Routing and multilayer switching (IOS/Catalyst), Sybase, Microsoft server 2003, TSOL, UNIX, Solaris 8/10, Q2, ORBIX and IPL.

US Air Force Equipment Specialist Annual Salary Range: $57,408.00 – $74,628.00

  • US Air Force Fuel Distribution Mechanic Job Description

As Fuel Distribution Mechanic you would be responsible for managing and monitoring liquid fuel storage and the distribution system and their electrical component. You will also be tasked to test and inspect fuel distribution facilities including receiving and storage. You will also need to do preventive maintenance of the distribution systems and repair electrical components problems. You will also participate in transient alert services like crashed, damaged, and disabled aircraft recovery.

US Air Force Fuel Distribution Mechanic Hourly Salary Range: $24.87 – $28.97

  • US Air Force Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Job Description

Being an Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic you will install, repair, and maintain air conditioning and refrigeration units both domestic and commercial types used to cool different areas and equipment. You will also need to determine the cause of the faulty equipment. Moreover, you will have to utilize safety practices and regulations to ensure a safe and clean environment.

US Air Force Air Conditioning Equipment Mechanic Hourly Salary: $17.96 – $20.95

  • US Air Force Locksmith Job Description

A Locksmith ensures security and surveillance effectiveness by installing, testing, modifying, and repairing locking devices and synchronize it with monitors, alarms, sensors, and other related items. He/she will need to make plans and work layout basing on blueprints and other specifications. He/she will also maintain and master key coding of the security system and make duplicates of such key code.

US Air Force Locksmith Hourly Salary Range: $23.38 – $27.31

US Air Force Career Opportunities Online

If you are interested to join the US Air Force click the link below and explore their website to gain more information and to find suitable career opportunities that would suit your skills and expertise.

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