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by Publishing Team on February 3, 2011

US Army Job Description

The US Army is a component of the US Armed Forces. Working in union with the US Department of Defense the army trains soldiers and makes leaders out of them to be able to respond to situations where land forces are needed. The US Army creates nation defenders that are ready to serve the nation. In the US Army there are a lot of ways to serve the United States of America namely the national guard, army reserve, and civilian service.

US Army Job Positions and Duties

  • US Army Reserve Perioperative Nurse Job Description

The Army Reserve Perioperative Nurse will be responsible to care for the country’s defenders in times that they are subjected for operation pre, intra, and post operatively. The Perioperative Nurse will be responsible for monitoring vital signs, status, and conduct health teachings to the patient before, during, and after the operation. He/she will then document care, findings upon physical assessment, and any observed unusualities including interventions done for this will help enhance and monitor the patient’s condition.

US Army Reserve Perioperative Nurse Annual Salary: $10,000

  • US Army Reserve Anesthesiologist Job Description

The US Army Reserve Anesthesiologist will be taking responsibility in the induction of anesthesia during operative schedules of the nation’s defenders. He/she will calculate the dosage of the anesthetic to be administered and monitor the status of the patient throughout the induction of anesthesia. He/she will also continue to monitor the patient status during and after the operation. It is expected also that possible side effects of anesthesia has already been shared to the patient and family.

US Army Reserve Anesthesiologist Annual Salary: $25,000

  • US Army Criminal Investigation Special Agent Job Description

The Criminal Investigation Special Agent handles crimes committed within the army property or by army personnel. He/she will be responsible in conducting investigations regarding the crime. He/she interviews witnesses and gathers information regarding the crime and allegations.

US Army Criminal Investigation Special Agent Salary Range: $17,360 – $22,676

  • US Army Military Police Officer Job Description

Being a Military Police Officer provides an important function in army operations. A Military Police Officer can be utilized in offensive, defensive, stable, and civilian support operations. He/She will be leading soldiers in battlefield functions such as, maneuver and mobility, area security, law and order, internment/resettlement, and police intelligence functions.

US Army Military Police Officer Salary: $32,947

  • US Army Firefighter Job Description

The Army has its own protective services and included in those services is the fire department. The Firefighters are tasked to protect property and lives from damage due to fire. He/she will help in controlling fire in buildings, aircrafts, and aboard. He/she will respond during emergencies and perform rescue operations. Firefighters also have the responsibility of checking infrastructures for fire hazards, teaching fire preventive procedures, and do first aid to the injured.

US Army Firefighter Salary Range: $17,362 – $22,676

US Army Career Opportunities Online

Learn about the US Army and be part of the Nation’s brave defenders. Visit their website and look for career options in the Army. Follow the link and make a decision to join.

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