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Established: 1903
Employees: 5,600
HQ: Suitland, Maryland
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US Census Bureau Job Description

The United States Census Bureau is a US Government agency that serves as the major source of data about America’s economy and people. Responsible for the national demographic and economic data of the United States, US Census Bureau is a part of Department of Commerce formed July 1, 1903 headquartered in Suitland, Maryland. Currently, this government agency is a home to 5,600 employees in 2006 and still counting and with 2011 established budget of $1.3 Billion.

US Census Bureau Job Positions and Descriptions

  • US Census Bureau Enumerator Job Description

As an Enumerator, he or she ensure the US Census Bureau collects accurate data on how many people live in the country at a particular time frame. He or she works in local areas and is not required to travel different regions. He or she does door to door interview to individuals who have not returned their census survey via mail. He or she accurately records information in the household like the number of people living, age bracket, income range and others, and reports back to the supervisor.

US Census Bureau Enumerator Job Hourly Salary: $17.45/hour

  • US Census Bureau Statistician Job Description

Statistician’s job entails collecting, analyzing, interpreting and processing past data to create future projections. He or she is a mathematical specialist that design and create surveys. He or she supervises the techniques of gathering data, formulate and create survey question forms, and determine the parameters of sample group.

US Census Bureau Statistician Job Salary: $67,528

  • US Census Bureau IT Specialist Job Description

IT Specialists at US Census Bureau entails different types of job assignments, but the core responsibility is everything about computers and communication. He or she may help inquiring citizens about the department and processing documents. He or she may also design programs to easily device information gathered by the enumerators and statisticians. He or she also responsible in almost all computer trouble shooting in the department he or she is assigned to.

US Census Bureau IT Specialist Job Salary: $60,667

  • US Census Bureau Crew Leader Job Description

As a Crew Leader, he or she supervises the people under him or her are doing their assigned tasks properly. He or she monitors their performances and evaluates it for further adjustments and improvements. A Crew Leader is usually assigned in the field with the representatives of Enumerators, and maintains standard operating procedures in carrying out tasks assigned for the crew.

US Census Bureau Crew Leader Job Hourly Salary: $17.80/hour

  • US Census Bureau Clerk Job Description

A US Census Bureau Clerk entails a lot of assignments especially when assigned in an administrative office or section of the department. He or she supports and assists the administrative officer of essential office tasks like encoding documents, report-making, submission of paper works and alike.

US Census Bureau Clerk Job Hourly Salary: $11.26/hour

  • US Census Bureau Field Representative Job Description

A Field Representative is the person who is hands on in monitoring the accuracy of the data collected. He or she surveys proposed locations for viability of a group sample. He or she also makes feasibility study in an area where a survey could be executed.

US Census Bureau Field Representative Job Hourly Salary: $14.77/hour

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