US Coast Guard

by Publishing Team on February 14, 2011

US Coast Guard Job Description

One of the components of the US Armed Forces the Coast Guard takes care of the maritime environment as well as its economy. They protect the maritime borders and respond to emergency search and rescue and save those in peril. The Coast Guard has over 38, 000 men and women in active service, 8,000 reservist, and 35, 000 auxiliary personnel that serves various functions and fields from operation specialists to small boat operators. These men and women play a role in the achievement of the Coast Guard’s missions and responsibilities.

US Coast Guard Job Positions and Duties

  • US Coast Guard Clinical Nurse Job Description

The Clinical Nurse is responsible for independently establishing a nurse- patient working relationship. He/she performs outpatient, inpatient, and emergency care procedures. He/she is also tasked to prepare patients for surgical or diagnostic procedures. The Clinical Nurse will assist the Medical Officer in delivering quality patient care. He/ she performs comprehensive physical assessment, administers medication orally and through injections as ordered by the physician.

US Coast Guard Clinical Nurse Annual Salary Range: $50,620.00 – $65,801.00

  • US Coast Guard Program Analyst Job Description

The Program Analyst provides knowledge regarding analytical and evaluative methods to the organization including understanding of the regulations, laws, policies, and directive. He/she will be responsible to formulate directives, memorandums, and other documents related to the administrative and program operations of the Organization. He/she will also conduct researches in relation to improving the productivity and other aspects of the organization. Moreover, he/she will need to review the impact of new management procedures to human resources and make recommendations about it.

US Coast Guard Program Analyst Annual Salary Range: $74,872.00 – $115,742.00

  • US Coast Guard Supervisory Civil Engineer Job Description

The Supervisory Civil Engineer serves as the Chief in administration of the provisions in the Truman- Hobbs Act in connection with the Coast Guard’s function in freeing the navigable waters of the United States from unreasonably obstructive bridges. He/she will ensure the implementation of policies, procedures, and techniques in the administration of the entire bridge program. He/she will be responsible in managing the requirements for projects for budgetary purposes. He/she will also be responsible in the employee management and incentive giving making sure that all is fair in awarding deserving employees.

US Coast Guard Supervisory Civil Engineer Annual Salary Range: $123,758.00 – $155,500.00

  • US Coast Guard Accounting Technician Job Description

The Accounting Technician administers the operation of the Industrial Support Activity business. He/she prepares the annual budget and executes operating plan of the fiscal year. He/she will be responsible to maintain a cost job accounting to monitor the status of funds for industrial services. He/ she will also responsible for the compilation and management of all financial and labor hour reports.

US Coast Guard Accounting Technician Annual Salary: $42,406.00 – $55,132.00

  • US Coast Guard Materials Handler Job Description

A Material Handler performs a lot of warehouse function either as the primary materials handler for a small warehouse or in a segment of a large warehouse. He/she monitors the movement of materials from unloading to storage or storage to loading. He/she ensures the accuracy and safety of the movement of materials. He/she operates warehouse vehicles and protects material integrity.

US Coast Guard Materials Handler Hourly Salary Range: $20.30 – $23.68

US Coast Guard Career Opportunities Online

Being one of the five branches of the US Armed Forces the Coast Guard has a wide array of opportunities in stored for those who is interested in joining them. Follow this link,, and find out more about the US Coast Guard.

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