US Department of Treasury

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US Department of Treasury Job Description

Department of Treasury is an administrative and the treasury department of the United States national government. It was established through an Act of Congress in 1789 to manage and come through government revenue. The department was founded on September 2, 1789 and is based in Washington, D.C. The Department is administered by the Secretary of the Treasury, who is a member of the Planning board. This department is responsible for printing and deals all paper currency and coins by disseminating it through the Bureau of Engraving and Printing and the United States Mint. The Department of Treasury also collects all government taxes through the Internal Revenue Service and also manages government obligation means.

US Department of Treasury Job Positions and Descriptions

  • US Department of Treasury Attorney Advisor Job Description

The Attorney Advisor serves as an adviser to Administrative Law related offices. He or she renders advice and assistance before hearing development and preparation of cases for hearing, post-hearing development and plans and other law related actions. The Attorney Advisor conducts formal pre-hearing discussions with applicant representatives. The Attorney Advisor also does analysis, research and develops comprehensive decisions in the most legally complex cases. He or she manages and determines solutions to the cases handled following certain acts and resolutions as guide for the scope of the position requires.

US Department of Treasury Salary: $144,680

  • US Department of Treasury Bank Examine Job Description

The primary duties and responsibilities of a Bank Examiner are to give guarantee that the bank’s activities and innovations are legal and to give assurance on the financial stability of the company. The examiners complete their duty assignment by conducting audits and checking official bank records made. The Bank Examiners make sure that people and organizations follow those laws established by the law making bodies of the industry. The Attorney Advisor also works to evaluate and measure financial risks and help supervise bank practices and activities to ensure their order and stability. The qualifications for becoming a Bank Examiner include a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related subject to the said area, high scores on official Examiner Tests and professional experience.

US Department of Treasury Bank Examiner Salary: $70,689

  • US Department of Treasury Research Analyst Job Description

The Research analysts are responsible for the duties required of their strong math and analytical skills to assess and measure the economic performance for the clients. The outcome and effects of these assessments bring forth a research report, which is delivered in details. A Research analysts will specifically focus on a particular commercial enterprise or company also read the quarterly and annual financial statements to determine the value of the company and then estimate and calculate future earnings. Most senior research analysts will participate in a quarterly conference call with investors and analysts from competing firms to get direct data and interaction with the companies and industries senior management team. This position requires keeping the quality standards of the company within the span of the work time.

  • US Department of Treasury Research Analyst Salary: $54,692

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