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US Navy Job Description

With 430,400 personnel, 289 ships, more than 3700 aircrafts, 11 aircraft carriers, 10 amphibious assault ships, 9 amphibious transport docks, 12 docking landing ships, 22 cruisers, 55 destroyers, 30 frigates, and 75 submarines, United States Navy or USN is the world’s largest in terms of size. Comparing to the next 13 navies in the list of largest navies in the world, USN’s battle fleet tonnage is still greater. Active since October 13, 1775 headquartered in The Pentagon, United States Navy is a naval warfare service branch of US Armed Forces and one of United States’ seven uniformed services.

US Navy Job Positions and Duties

  • US Navy Naval Officer Job Description

A Naval Officer’s job entails different roles in different carrier fields. He or she can be a Naval Judge Advocate General or JAG and serves a Navy Lawyer. He or she can be assigned in the Aviation field and are called Navy Flight Officers operating high-technology equipments integrated in the aircraft. He or she may serve as a Chaplain providing spiritual guidance and emotional support for sailors undergoing hard times away from home. He or she may be a Civil Engineering Corps Officer that is responsible in either contact management, public works or construction battalions. He or she may also be assigned to Special Operations performing diverse high-speed missions. He or she may be a Nuclear, Submarine or Surface Warfare Officer. The main responsibility of which revolves in ensuring safety and proper execution of orders.

US Navy Naval officer Job Salary: $86,981

  • US Navy First Class Petty Officer (E6) Job Description

In terms of rankings for enlisted service members both in US Navy and Coast Guard, First Class Petty Officer is sixth in the position. He or she is considered to be expert in their division. He or she supervises soldiers and serves as one of the leaders. He or she provides programs and services for service members who have also reached the ranking.

US Navy First Class Petty Officer (E6) Job Salary: $57,122

  • US Navy Second Class Petty Officer (E5) Job Description

Second Class Petty Officer, unlike the First Class, is the one who is hands on in supervising and directing junior staff officers in the execution of orders. Though, Second Class is the one on close monitor of the lower ranking officers, the First Class still has a higher and direct order. The Second Petty Officers stands between the First Class and the Junior Staff Officers in the rank list and may perform leadership roles.

US Navy Second Class Petty Officer (E5) Job Salary: $40,860

  • US Navy Electrical Engineer Job Description

An Electrical Engineer in the US Navy is responsible in testing and modifying operational or developmental electrical machinery and electrical control equipments and circuitry either in the field or in the base. He or she should have a sound and professional knowledge of electrical theory and related knowledge to work under such assignments. During construction, an Engineering staff directs him, he or she provides technical assistance to any electrical problems encountered and to be encountered. He or she installs and maintains electrical control, automation and solid state equipments. He or she also analyze and interpret test data in order to resolve design-related problems and prepare project cost and work-duration estimates.

US Navy Electrical Engineer Job Salary: $64,800

  • US Navy Nuclear Mechanical Operator Job Description

A US Navy Nuclear Mechanical Operator is a skilled professional highly trained to operate and manipulate Nuclear Machines either for testing, experiments or assaults. He or she (preferably male) ensures the safety and proper execution of the said machines.

US Navy Nuclear Mechanical operator Job Salary: $57,857

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