USDA Forest Service

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USDA Forest Service Job Description

The USDA Forest Service was established in the year 1905. This is an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. Their mission is summed up, which states to provide greater amount of services for the greater amount of people in the more coming days. Their mission also covers to uphold the health, diversity, and productivity of the Nation’s forests and grassland for the coming generations. The USDA Forest Service is recognized nationwide and worldwide as the leading agency in caring for the land as well as serving the people.

USDA Forest Service Job Positions and Descriptions

  • USDA Forest Service Natural Resource Specialist Job Description

The Natural Resource Specialist responsibly carries out natural resources job. His or her job involves conducting natural resources surveys, analytical research and studies as well as inspections. The Natural Resource Specialist also conducts field or laboratory tests and analyzes the data about the effect into the natural resources. The Natural Resource Specialist collects and analyzes all natural resources, environmental related settings data to assess fulfillment requests and to develop strategies for remedies.

USDA Forest Service Natural resource Specialist Salary: $51,596

  • USDA Forest Service Hydrologist Job Description

The Hydrologists is primarily responsible in examining the physical characteristics, allocation, and exchange of water above and below the earth’s surface. The Hydrologists also examine rainfall and other precipitation, its path which takes through the soil and rocks underground, and its restoration to the oceans and air. Thus the Hydrologists generally perform studies at a variety of outside location and also work in laboratories. He or she also monitor correctly the records of water depths, and determine stream flows or its rates. The Hydrologists frequently gather and examine water samples and research historical data on storms and floods.

USDA Forest Service Hydrologist Salary: $73,000

  • USDA Forest Service Computer Specialist Job Description

The Computer Specialist expand documented failure revival plan. He or she also enterprise storage technology and supervise system backup and responsible for the restoration. The Computer Specialist carry out management and rotation as well as .system maintenance and optimization . Also do web server administration, planning, coordinating, and implementing safety measures for information systems to control contact to computer data files and prevent unofficial alteration, damage, or revelation of information.

USDA Forest Service Computer Specialist Salary: $60,000

  • USDA Forest Service Management Analyst Job Description

The Management Analyst duties include enacting and supervising managerial change which generally means the hiring and firing of individuals is also managed by his or her. The Management Analyst will evaluate the business situation by interviewing existing employees will suggest to the client or employer where to make changes to their concerns.

USDA Forest Service Management Analyst Salary: $86,000

  • USDA Forest Service Entomologist Job Description

The Entomologists are responsible for gathering insects, searching them in their environmental habitats. The Entomologists study how to control or get rid of insects by using better pesticides. The Entomologists also research how to create crops that defy harmful insects wherein they also explain new insect species and study how to control animal and plant diseases caused by insects.

USDA Forest Service Entomologist Analyst Salary: $42,000

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