Vera Bradley Retail Stores LLC

Vera Bradley Retail Stores LLC
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Established: 1982
Employees: 900
HQ: Fort Wayne, Indiana Area
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Vera Bradley Retail Stores LLC Job Description

The company was founded in 1980’s and is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Vera Bradley engages in the design, manufacture, advertising, and retail of accessories for ladies under the ‘Vera Bradley’ product. The corporation provides a unique offering of better-quality handbags, accessories, and tour and vacation stuffs. It sells products to independent retailers located inside the United States., go for nationwide retailers, and third party e-commerce sites. As early months of year 2010 approached, it sold its products directly through 28 full-price stores, 1 channel store,, and an once a year outlet sale in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Vera Bradley Retail Stores LLC Duties and Responsibilities

  • General Store Manager

A General Store Manager for Vera Bradley should be responsible in making supervision of the general store operations and sales administration. His or her daily tasks include outstanding client service, image merchandising, personnel supervision, trainings and improvement, keeping store image standards and principles, general store operations, and sales target accomplishment. Satisfactory maintains the payroll funds and handle controllable operating expense to make the most of productivity. A General Store Manager also checks onsite and offsite record of Vera Brands to attain best stability of top selling items.

General Store Manager Salary: $40,000-$80,000 depending on experience

  • Assistant Store Manager

Assistant Store Manager fulfills an essential and important responsibility in assisting the Store Manager in running largely store operations. Errands consist of helping in promoting community involvement to make product awareness and consistency. Extraordinary customer service should also be maintained by an Assistant Store Manager. He or she is required to supervise each day basis, weekly and monthly processes to guarantee operational reliability. He or she should also be prepared to serve as back-up to store execution with liability for daily cash settlement and opening and closing of store.

Assistant Store Manager Salary: $20,000-$50,000 depending on experience

  • Western Retail Visual Design Specialist

As a Visual Design Specialist, he or she maintains the image mental picture and product representation of the displays in the West District of Vera Bradley Retail stores. Visual Design Specialist reviews store design system and procedure and assist with store chance set-ups when or as wanted. In-store promotions, continuing deliveries, souvenir with purchase and others are also being planned by a Visual Design Specialist in coordination with the monthly selling pace. He or she should also have a vast idea to develop plans for company changes and assist in photo shoots if needed.

Western Retail Visual Design Specialist Salary: $30,000-$50,000 depending on experience

  • Copywriter

A copy writer is in charge for all replica that appears in marketing, publicity, promotions and sales sustain supplies such as shopper and deal catalogs, publish, show and radio advertising, universal trade resources, occasion materials, speeches, etc., counting job for all Vera Bradley merchandise and service categories. He or she has the obligation to work as component of the resourceful team and marketing branch to notion and increase efficient and exciting marketing materials that improve and prop up the Vera Bradley brand.

Copywriter Salary: $20,000-$80,000 plus depending on experience

Vera Bradley Retail Stores LLC

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