Verizon Communications

by Publishing Team on February 8, 2011

Verizon Communications Job Description

Founded in 1983 and headquartered lower Manhattan, New York City, Verizon Communications Incorporated is a publicly traded company in the field of telecommunications industry. Started as Bell Atlantic and later changed to its present name, Verizon grew to be one of the largest broadband and telecommunications service providers. The company is also considered large in terms of employees homing around 222,990 individuals and counting in 2009.

Verizon Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Verizon Customer Service Representative Job Description

Customer Service Representative serves as the fore front people in the assisting customers. He or she is the one constantly exposed in communicating with customers with their queries, complaints and questions. He or she must have a diplomatic attitude of solving customer problems. He or she must be courteous enough to maintain high quality of customer satisfaction.

Verizon Customer Service Representative Job Hourly Salary: $15.86/hour

  • Verizon Store Manager Job Description

As a Store Manager, one should have a good entrepreneurial and ownership skill. He or she serves as the company owner’s extension to the mass consumers. He or she oversees activities in the store and monitors any possible problems. He or she also prepares the store staff for the sales volume target, and motivates and monitors his or her staff to hit the target. He or she is also responsible in general reports in the area of accounting, inventory, and business transactions.

Verizon Store Manager Job Salary: $48,538

  • Verizon Sales Associate Job Description

As a Sales Associate, he or she is responsible in the giving customers the highest possible purchasing experience by way of approaching and assisting them in all means. He or she assists customers of the desired product specifications, and demonstrates to them the proper functioning and usage of the product. He or she also provide customers updates and latest product releases, and promotions.

Verizon Sales Associate Job Salary: $44,200

  • Verizon Financial Analyst Job Description

A Financial Analyst is responsible in the collection, interpretation and application of various marketing and sales data to predict and understand trends in the economy and market. He or she updates the company of the latest trends that will affect the company’s market shares and financial stability. As a financial analyst, he or she will be doing market research and report submission, and suggest company acquisitions and investments.

Verizon Financial Analyst Job Salary: $64,008

  • Verizon Network Operations Specialist Job Description

As a Network Operations Engineer, one should have a good knowledge in handling various electronic and computer devices. He or she will be tasked to set up and install computer-related devices like VoIP or video components, and carriers. He or she is also tasked to resolve complex trouble shooting in test laboratories and production environments.

Verizon Network Operations Specialist Job Salary: $68,846

  • Verizon Central Office Technician Job Description

A Central Office Technician is a company skilled employee responsible in the general repairs and trouble shooting of almost all company products. He or she should have a good knowledge of the company products, and a sound skill in electronic trouble shooting.

Verizon Central Office Technician Job Salary: $58,572

  • Verizon Telecom Technician Job Description

A Telecom Technician is a skilled staff specialized in the mobile phone and telecommunication field. He or she is responsible in trouble shooting and repairing any problems concerning mobile phones and telecom devices. He or she may analyze problems using a computer interface or a through a manual testing, and suggest procedures of repair.

Verizon Telecom Technician Job Salary: $56,250

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