Veterans Benefits Administration

by Publishing Team on March 8, 2011

Veterans Benefits Administration Job Description

The Veterans Benefits Administration also known as VBA is the payback distribution arm of the Department of Veterans Affairs. The institution provides remuneration which is divided into six different categories. All the services of the Veterans Benefits Administration are based in Washington, DC, while other assurance services are served in Philadelphia. The Veterans Benefits Administration has other 58 Veterans Administration regional offices which deliver settlement services throughout the country.

Veteran Benefits Administration Positions and Job Descriptions

  • Veterans Benefits Administration Veteran Service Representative Job Descriptions

The Veteran Service Representatives is responsible in giving advises to the veterans about what types of indemnity, insurance, retirement fund and other settlement they will have the power, as well as performing investigations to verify their eligibility. The Veteran Service Representatives also reports to initiate benefits payments or to make changes to the quantity or kind of benefits the veterans receive. He or she must have the ability to familiarize the basic function of a computer and the capability to discover innovative software programs as essential to the work of veteran service representatives, because much of their job involves computers. The Veteran Service Representatives must also have the ability to interpret and understand medical and health data’s as well as legal terms and statements and interpersonal skills.

Veterans Benefits Administration Veteran Service Representatives Salary: $51,000

  • Veterans Benefits Administration Medical Technologist Job Descriptions

The Medical Technologists analyzes samples of body fluids and cells as well as studying the samples for microorganisms to determine what chemicals they may contain to help in diagnosing or treating the client. The Medical Technologists also carry out blood matches for patients who needs transfusions and examine the treatment levels in a patient’s blood to find out how he is reacting to the treatment given. Medical technologists also set laboratory samples for study, and make notes about any abnormal cells that may come out in body fluids. He or she uses variety of paraphernalia for testing which includes microscopes and cell counters, and also use automated equipment that let them conduct multiple tests at once. The Medical Technologists also study test outcome and communicates the findings to doctors.

Veterans Benefits Administration Medical Technologist Salary: $74,690

  • Veterans Benefits Administration Pharmacist Job Descriptions

The Veteran Benefits Administration Pharmacist is responsible in filling prescriptions for patients prescribed by health care professionals in the institution. The Veteran Benefits Administration Pharmacist also observe, monitor and take care of the patients in the health care setting and perform examinations and research to more pharmaceutical care and move on the treatment and prevention of disease. He or she works independently to assess and recommend and propose such therapeutic therapy as intravenous, oncology, nuclear, elderly, and psychiatric pharmacy. The Veteran Benefits Administration Pharmacist typically keeps automated report of patients’ medical therapies to avoid negative drug interactions. And also he or she instructs pharmacist technicians in the appropriate actions for filling prescriptions, therapy, and contacting pharmaceutical companies and health care facilities.

Veterans Benefits Administration Pharmacist Salary: $112,302

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