Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen

by Publishing Team on October 22, 2010

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Job Description

Right from the year 1964, this Italian restaurant is serving the traditional Italian food like pizza, pasta and salad to the people all over its 200 locations. The quality food and genuine hospitality are the main reasons behind the success of Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen. The employees working here are the major attraction of the customers, because with good food what they get is good and pleasant hospitality. The ambience of the restaurant is the major attraction with contemporary Italian Kitchen design with a big oven in the centre stage. This restaurant has its headquarter in Morristown in New Jersey, but has its chain of franchise spread all over America. Some of the job opportunities at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen are listed below:

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Job Positions and Duties

  • Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Cashier Job Description

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen is very particular about its image and reputation and the cashier here plays a very important role in safeguarding that image. The cashier in this restaurant needs to be courteous, presentable and people friendly. Along with the queries in the bill, the cashier might have to answer the queries relating to food and other facilities of the restaurant. A cashier at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen has to be a multi tasking person handling many jobs together. Good communication skill, adequate knowledge on math and accounting, skill to handle the cash register and the potentiality to stand and work in a fast-paced environment are some of the pre-requisites to be a cashier at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.

The hourly salary of Cashier at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen: $12.04

  • Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Store Manager Job Description

The store manager more or less does the work of an owner. This means that he is responsible for the entire working of the store. He looks after the entire store operations including the financial transaction, inventory, production, marketing and sales. He or she oversees all the matters and take quick decision in order to safeguard the image of the store. Along with the employee service, the store manager has to ensure the customer service. Their working hour is generally 50-55 hours per week. This means that the job can be very stressful and it requires lot of patience and tolerance. Although no specific qualification is required but the store manager must have a good leadership quality and capacity to handle and organize the things as and when required.

The hourly salary of Store Manager at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen: $10.00

  • Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Cook Job Description

This is a typical Italian restaurant serving typical Italian food. So what is expected from the cook of this restaurant is that he or she must have expertise in making Italian food. The food in this restaurant gives the authentic Italian flavor and so the cook must be certified in this regard. To maintain the quality and quantity of the food supplied is entirely the responsibility of the cook. He is required to maintain the adequate safety and hygiene while preparing the food. The head cook supervises the preparation of all the dishes that are being prepared in the restaurant. Maintenance of the raw material, keeping a stock of it and maintaining the sanitation of the cooking surface is done by the cook at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen.

Hourly Salary of the cook at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen: $ 12.25

  • Other Job Opportunity

The restaurant does not work only with the main professional; many other employees also are the part of the entire team. At Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen the requirement of a food runner is always at its peak. The food runner takes care of the look and presentation of the food and makes sure that the food is served on time. He or she describes the dish to the guest and takes care that the customers are contented.

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Job Application Online

For any job opportunities at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen you can log on to their website and know about the different opening in the link

You can upload your resume at [email protected], and they will contact you if your profile matches to their requirement.

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