Village Inn

by Publishing Team on November 1, 2010

Village Inn Job Description

For a little over 50years, this chain of restaurants has been serving up some of the best and the most interesting meals in town. With special homely recipes to choose from, the village in has a lot to offer its customers. Made-from-scratch buttermilk pancakes, fresh eggs, bacons and coffee are some of the specialties of this chain of restaurants, which have been there for the longest time. The expansion of this chain of restaurants far and wide was enabled by franchising of the brand.

Village Inn Job Positions and Duties

  • Village Inn Cashier Job Description

For one to be a cashier at any of the village inn restaurants in the US, you have to be prepared to work as part of a team. One needs to be dynamic and have good communication skills. This is important and aside from that one has to be able to dispense the duties of a casher with caution and care. The cashier is expected to greet and serve all the customers who come to village inn cheerfully. The cashier will be expected to answer the questions posed by the customers to the latter.

Village Inn cashier’s salary: $12 per hour

  • Village Inn Cook Job Description

There is no better way to describe a village inn restaurant cook except that he needs to be able to cook the village inn recipes well. The cook has to have the necessary experience in cooking. The head cook has to manage the cooking shifts of the junior cooks and make sure every working shift is staffed. The cook makes sure all the items needed in the kitchen are well supplied. He will liaise with the manager and the administration to make sure everything is supplied.

Village Inn cook’s salary: $13 to 15 per hour

  • Village Inn Shift Manager Job Description

This is a large chain of restaurant whose workers work in shifts. For everything to go ahead smoothly, the shift manager ensures that everyone is working in the correct shift and according to the capabilities of the employee. The work of the shift manager is to make sure all employees are working in their shifts comfortably. In the event that there is need to increase the number of employees in a shift, the shift manager interviews them and hires them.

Village Inn shift manager’s salary: 17-18 per hour

  • Village Inn Store Manager Job Description

The work of the store manager is pretty well defined, since all he has to do is make sure the store is well stocked. The store manager has to document the movements of items in and out of the store every day. This manager will hire and fire employees as he deems fit and makes sure all the shifts are well staffed. When the demand has exceeded supply, he has to make sure external suppliers are contacted to supply items to the store.

K&W Cafeteria store manager’s salary: $13-15 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

The village inn chain of restaurants needs other employees like bussers and overall managers, all who have to be experienced to be able to dispense their duties comfortably. All of them have to have excellent employment records as well. It is the work of the management to ensure that all the people who are employed in village inn have submitted résumés that are honest and straight forward.

Village inn Job Application Form Online

For those who want to become part of the village inn staff, this page will be of help to you If you want to become a member of the management team, this is the right link

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