Vintage Tub and Bath

by Publishing Team on January 7, 2011

Vintage Tub and Bath Job Description

To be found in Mountain Top, PA, Vintage Tub and Bath is an Internet Seller 500 Company and a principal global e-Commerce seller, general distributor, and importer of vintage replica claw foot tubs, kitchen devices, bathroom equipments, and furniture. Vintage Tub and Bath is on the chase for people who want to build a career of accounting. We have a lot of things you could do with to be a success. This would include a state of the art ERP software system, motivated co-staff, excellent pay, great benefits and a company firm to be the supreme best.

Vintage Tub and Bath Duties and Responsibilities

  • Staff Accountant

The Staff Accountant will collect and examine financial facts to plan financial statements together with monthly and yearly accounts in agreement with GAAP; make certain that financial records are preserved in observance with company policies and procedures; make sure every part of financial reporting deadlines are met; organize monthly reconciliations of allocated accounts; guarantee precise and appropriate monthly, quarterly and year end lock activities in designated work areas; set up and check the execution and constant observance and development of accounting control measures and records; categorize and decide on accounting inconsistencies and indiscretions; build up and keep financial databases; study financial facts to advise or grow well-organized utilization of resources in employing procedures; and supply tactical recommendations and apply solutions to dealing and financial harms and process development initiatives.

Staff Accountant Salary: $30,000.00 to $40,000

  • Senior Sales Representative (inside)

The Senior Sales Representative (inside) will be assigned to create new and replicate sales by providing product and technical data in an apt manner; settle on customer requirements and outlooks in order to advocate exact products and solutions; suggest exchange products based on price, accessibility or condition; present cost, credit and conditions in agreement with normal procedures and customers’ productivity profiles; correctly practice customer dealings such as orders, quotes or returns; grant precise information concerning availability of in-stock items; attain exact information from sellers connecting to delivery dates and conventional date of delivery; proactively propose items wanted by customers to boost customer happiness and progress business productivity; amplify sales and standard order size by way of cross-selling, up-selling, add-on sales and presenting promotional sale items; instruct customers about terms, features and settlement of products in order to perk up product linked sales and customer satisfaction; supervise listed delivery dates to guarantee apt delivery and speed up as needed; get in touch with customers following sales to make sure of constant customer satisfaction and resolve any complaint; load requests for catalogs, information or samples; arrange and keep customer records; classify trends in customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction; help out in programmed material inventory counts; pursue company rules and measures; and display a professional reflection at all times to customers and vendors.

Senior Sales Representative (inside) Salary: $35,000.00 to $40,000.00

Vintage Tub and Bath Job Application Form Online

Apply online on company’s homepage or send your resume through their office address.

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