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by Publishing Team on February 1, 2011

Virgin Mobile Job Description

Headquarter in London, United Kingdom in 1999, Virgin Mobile is United Kingdom’s first Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Virgin Mobile is a brand used by most mobile phone service providers and does not maintain its own network. Well known mobile phone service providers that use Virgin as a brand are Sprint Nextel in United States, Optus Network in Australia, Bell Mobility in Canada, Orange SA in France, Cell C in South Africa and Tata Indicom in India.

Virgin Mobile Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Virgin Mobile Online Marketing Specialist Job Description

An Online Marketing Specialist is tasked to do the entire job that concerns marketing the company’s product online. He or she should have a good knowledge about search engine optimization, link building, back linking, keyword research, and on-page optimization of website. He or she should also have a good knowledge of optimizing social networking sites for the company’s gain. He or she also creates flow chart and illustration to report the method of collection of data from leads and finally become sales. And as a marketing specialist, he or she also monitors the company website’s performance and service feedbacks. Effectively monitoring the feedback and properly handling the negative ones is very important in the company’s image.

Virgin Mobile Online Marketing Specialist Job Salary: $59,000

  • Virgin Mobile Wireless Engineer Job Description

Wireless Engineer is a professional who has a rigid training and education in Communications Engineering. He or she is the one analyzing the performance of a particular satellite and the coverage of its signal. He or she creates the optimum design to attain maximum coverage area. He or she also handles radio communication, cellular phones, wireless fidelity (wi-fi) internet access, hand-held computers and others alike. He or she is responsible in the monitoring process of maintenance and repair of the company’s wireless communication device, and in the suggesting any upgrades or acquisitions.

Virgin Mobile Wireless Engineer Job Salary: $102,000

  • Virgin Mobile Customer Analytics Analyst Job Description

The main responsibility of a Customer Analytics Analyst is to manage customer analytics and to analyze active customer base. He or she collects, consolidates and analyzes customer data. He or she also coordinates the IT team in implementing and in maintaining the technical infrastructure that is needed in the creation and maintenance of customer data tables. He or she also conducts surveys about customer need analysis and personal interviews in addition to its assignments. These results and data will then be presented to the company quality assurance and sales department to maximize the data for the company’s edge.

Virgin Mobile Customer Analytics Analyst Job Salary: $83,000

  • Virgin Mobile Marketing Manager Job Description

A Marketing Manager is responsible in monitoring marketing strategies basing on knowledge of establishment objectives cost and mark-up factors. He or she develops effective pricing strategies, considering company objectives and customer satisfaction. He or she also evaluates the financial side of developing a product like expenditures, budgets, research and development, return of investment (ROI) and profit-loss projections. He or she also oversee the daily activities of the marketing staff and may direct the hiring, training and performance check of new recruits.

Virgin Mobile marketing Manager Job Salary: $93,000

  • Virgin Mobile Accounting Manager Job Description

Accounting Manager is the one responsible in ensuring the company’s financial information. He or she ensures the timely processing of payment transactions. And as an accountant, he or she is responsible in auditing the accounting data of each department in the company and does the correction of errors on the said accounting data. He or she also checks the veracity of the transactions and accounts, and performs special accounting studies and computations like calculation of billing for services an cost allocation plans. He or she also maintains the comprehensive presentation of the financial statements in the general ledger of the company.

Virgin Mobile Accounting Manager Job Salary: $119,000

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