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by Publishing Team on January 21, 2011

Von Maur Job Description

Founded in 1872 and headquartered in Davenport, Iowa, Von Maur is a privately owned upscale specialty department store chain with stores in Midwestern United States. Currently, the company is expanding stores throughout Southern United States selling brand-name apparel, accessories, cosmetics, gifts shoes and jewelries. As of the last quarter of 2008, the chain had already 24 stores in 9 states. Von Maur is known for its customer-friendly services like zero-interest rates for credit card bearers, free shipping and free gift wrapping. At par of its competition are Nordstrom and, Lord and Taylor.

Von Maur Job Positions and Descriptions

  • Von Maur Sales Associate Job Description

A Sales Associate ensures the quality time spent by the customers in their stores by courteous greeting and friendly gestures. He or she also guides the customers to the right direction of the shelf of the merchandise they need. They should have high knowledge of the products and location of merchandise and should be ready for any customer approach. They are the ones assisting a customer all the time.

Von Maur Sales Associate Job HourlySalary: $9.88/hour

  • Von Maur Department Manager Job Description

As a Department Manager, he or she is one responsible for planning, directing and coordinating the operations of a business, division, operating unit or a department. One should also hire and train new staff, monitor and assist the latter with work progress. He or she also plans and manages business meeting for the department. He or she plans and maintains system procedures for the efficiency of the operation. He or she also manages staff for optimum performance in a department.

Von Maur Department Manager Job Hourly Salary: $14.65/hour

  • Von Maur Clothing Salesperson Job Description

A Clothing Sales person must is assigned in the clothing section of the department store. He or she assist the customer in the choosing and fitting of the clothes. He or she must be able to assist the customer in fittings and looking for sizes. He or she is also responsible of the area’s housekeeping and organizing of the clothing merchandise.

Von Maur Clothing Salesperson Job Hourly Salary: $10.23/hour

  • Von Maur Beauty Consultant Job Description

A Beauty consultant is the one giving advice to the customers of beauty tips. He or she (preferably female) the one assisting the customers in choosing the right color of make-up, how to take care of the skin, what colors matches you nails, what kind of beauty products to choose and use. As a beauty consultant, she must introduce to the customer, the latest products of the company and demonstrate how they are used. She also explains the benefits of the products that fit to the customer needs.

Von Maur Beauty Consultant Job Hourly Salary: $10/hour

  • Von Maur Executive Training Program Job Description

An Executive Training Program personnel is the one conducting training programs for the company’s employees. He or she plans and directs the range of training activities that suite the level of employment. He or she conducts orientation and arrange on-the-job training for new employees.

Von Maur Executive Training Program Job Salary: $34,764

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