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Waffle House Job Description

Waffle House is a well established quick service restaurant chain with over 1600 location scattered in 25 states in the U.S. Most of the store locations are situated in the southern part of United States where it remained as one of the country’s cultural icons. The company offers competitive benefits and compensation for all its employees in the operational and corporate levels.

Waffle House Job Positions and Duties

  • Waffle House District Manager Job Description

District Managers at Waffle House have the total responsibility of supervising the people and deal with day to day operations of between five to seven restaurants in a single area. Additional responsibilities also include providing great leadership for every manager in the market so as to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction. District Managers at Waffle House also need to work hand in hand with RGMs in the area when it comes building sales more than the previous year’s achievement and achieving the goals set by the company for the current year. District Managers also has the capacity to hire or terminate Team Members or participate in the decision making when it is necessary.

Waffle House District Manager Salary: $62,000

  • Waffle House Unit Manager Job Description

As a unit Manager for waffle House, the main job responsibility includes recruiting and training quality workforce and motivating them to perform their jobs based on the company’s standards. High quality customer service and great food experience must be consistently delivered while maintaining a cost effective operation in a great working environment. Unit Managers are also responsible for coaching and counseling Team Members as well as other Managers within their control. They also have to train and develop the restaurant’s team to the expected performance and certification levels. Being Unit Manager is a big responsibility and it is important to implement all the company’s standard guidelines and policies to maintain work efficiency.

Waffle House Unit Manager Salary: $39,988

  • Waffle House Unit Manager Trainee Job Description

Manager Trainees work and report directly to the store’s Unit Manager. They also need to exercise their leadership skills when it comes to working and assisting training and daily problem solving in order to develop their managerial skills preparing them to assume the position of a full pledged Unit Manager when needed. Unit Manager Trainee also need to ensure that the company’s standards are maintained and uncompromised when it comes to having a clean and safe working environment as implemented by the OSHA and the Labor Board. But more importantly, Unit Manager Trainee have to make certain that all Team Members are working based on the company’s guiding principles and having fun at the same time.

Waffle House Unit Manager Trainee Salary: $34,300

  • Waffle House Grill Operator Job Description

Grill Operator is an hourly position with responsibility in organizing and arranging cooked foods and must know how to perform all station duties including Fry, Griddle, Pantry, Flat Top, and cooking eggs. A Grill Operator must also communicate with the manager at all times as well as the on – duty servers to make sure that the processing of customer orders are going smoothly. Grill Operators are expected to perform all the delegated tasks as ordered by the management and must maintain the cleanliness and organization of the work station in accordance with the company’s operational standards.

Waffle House Grill Operator Hourly Salary: $7.76

  • Waffle House Waitress Job Description

Waitresses at Waffle House have the main responsibility of taking food and beverage orders and must enter all orders as quickly as possible while maintaining the proper sequence. Waitresses must also serve ordered food and beverages in their section and to other sections as well when necessary. A Waitress must also coordinate with the kitchen to make sure that service is on time and the quality of the food is according to the company’s standards. In general, Waitresses must perform all delegated tasks as directed by the management and make sure that all the company’s operational guidelines are upheld.

Waffle House Waitress Hourly Salary: $3.00

Waffle House Job Application Form Online

To apply for a job at Waffle House, visit the official website at http://www.wafflehouse.com/welcome/.For management career opportunities, explore your options at http://www.wafflehouse.com/welcome/wh-careers/management-careers.For Management internships visit http://www.wafflehouse.com/welcome/wh-careers/management-internships and for hourly positions, look for a job position you can qualify for at http://www.wafflehouse.com/welcome/wh-careers/hourly-careers.

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I currently work for one of the large casino’s in Black Hawk Co.I am in charge of the late night shift in Season’s Restaurant.In the past I have been in management for several restaurants.I also have worked in Colmar France in 2 restaurants.My exhusband owened and operated 2 24hr restaurants in which I worked.


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