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Wendy’s Job Description

Wendy’s is an institution where proud leaders and team members are made. Wendy’s is one of the biggest and fast growing quick-service restaurant chains in the world and with almost 6,600 locations; the company is always in need of qualified and highly motivated workforce. Check out which of the available job positions you are qualified for.

Wendy’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Wendy’s General Manager Job Description

Among the major job responsibility of Wendy’s General Manager is to oversee the operations of a designated restaurant. It will also be his or her job to develop and teach their team to ensure that they are able to maintain the positive dining experience of customers. General Managers also have to monitor and reinforce food safety procedures, maximize store sales, and achieve profit goals. It is also important for General Managers to maintain QSC standards and ensure that the Wendy’s brand and assets are well protected.

Wendy’s General Manager Salary: $43,000

  • Wendy’s Assistant Manager Job Description

Wendy’s Assistant Manager is the best stepping stone to become full time Store Managers for one of the country’s fastest growing and largest quick service restaurant. Working directly with the General Manager, Assistant Managers are the store’s second in command and will be doing most of the things done by General Managers. Key responsibilities include helping in training Team Members, facilitating implementation of standard operating procedure of the company, and maintaining excellent customer satisfaction at all time. Assistant Managers will also be doing some product and supply inventory counting and recording, schedule work shifts, and ensure that all the company’s policies with regards to proper food handling and preparation are being implemented all throughout the stations.

Wendy’s Assistant Manager Salary: $31,800

  • Wendy’s Cook Job Description

Among the key responsibilities of Wendy’s cook is to clean and prepare the work area, clean the cooking surfaces and utensils, and make sure that the supply inventory is well stocked. It is also under their responsibility to cook batches of pre-ordered food including hamburgers, fried chicken, etc. and make sure that it is kept warm until sold. Cooks are also expected to maintain the cleanliness at his or her workstation at all times and implement health and food safety standards to maintain a hundred percent customer satisfaction. They will also need to verify that the prepared orders meet the company’s standard for food quality and quantity.

Wendy’s Cook Hourly Salary: $7.50

  • Wendy’s Cashier Job Description

As a cashier at Wendy’s, you will be expected to have proficiency in customer service and mathematics. Not only will you be taking orders from customers but will also need to answer customers’ queries and provide information with regards to the food products sold at the store. You will also have to compute and record transactions at your POS terminal and count the money that went in your cash drawer. Other key responsibilities include issuing receipts, replacing orders, and maintaining the cleanliness of your workstation.

Wendy’s Cashier Hourly Salary: $6.91

  • Wendy’s Crew Member Job Description

As a crew member, the chief responsibilities include excellent customer service and courtesy. Crew members are also expected to use the knowledge of positional skills, maintain and implement health and safety guidelines and following all company policies and operational procedures. Crew members also need to provide quality products and services while maintaining a safe and clean environment to ensure one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Crew members must also have strong and highly efficient customer service skills and a positive attitude towards everything.

Wendy’s Crew Member Hourly Salary: $7.70

Wendy’s Job Application Form Online

If you are interested taking a job position from a company that remunerates employees for their dedication and commitment, then Wendy’s is right for you. Visit http://www.wendys.com/careers/ to look for available job positions that fits your working skills and qualification.

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