Western Sizzlin

Western Sizzlin
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Established: 1962
Employees: 3,750
HQ: Roanoke, Virginia
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Western Sizzlin Job Description

Western Sizzlin’s chain of restaurants is known for its steaks, pork entrees, and seafood entrees, and most of all, its highly efficient and friendly employees. When employees succeed in this industry they can become eligible for promotions that could lead to a management position.

Western Sizzlin Job Positions and Duties

  • Western Sizzlin Fry Cook Job Description

The main job description of a fry cook at Western Sizzlin is cooking all the fried food. It could consist of chicken, hamburger, and fish. They will need to know the basics of cleaning and preparing the food areas, the utensils, and various cooking surfaces. Besides cooking food, they will also be expected to properly package all the batches of food that they have prepared. The food will be put in the proper containers so it can be placed on the buffet bar and kept warm. They will also have the responsibility of maintaining sanitation and safety standards in the work area. All food will be verified that it meets all the company’s standards, in terms of quality as well as quantity. They will check on the buffet in order to see what is running low so it can be restocked.

Western Sizzlin Fry Cook Hourly Salary: $7.50

  • Western Sizzlin Assistant Manager Job Description

An assistant manger’s job responsibility is to oversee the team and make sure everything is running smoothly. They have interview and hire team members, properly train new members, make sure there is plenty of stock, count inventory, order supplies, make weekly schedules, check in vendors, give guidance to the team, do random audits of the cash drawer, and make sure store is clean at all times. An assistant manager will do daily paperwork when the manager is away, will report all situations to the manager, and will make bank deposits on occasion. They will also have to be quick on their feet so they can handle any situation at any given time, handle any customer complaints, and be able to make snap decisions.

Western Sizzlin Assistant Manager Monthly Salary: $1,932

  • Western Sizzlin District Manager Job Description

As a district manager the job responsibility is ensuring all the stores are running properly. There are usually several different stores under the district manager. They hire and fire staff, make sure each store is properly staffed, make sure each store is following all regulations that are state and federal, guide the team to make them better, maintain employee wages, make promotions and ensure they are set in place at the proper time, and grow the sales in each store. They will make sure all debits and credits are balancing out at each store. A district manager has great communication skills and is outstanding with their customer service skills.

Western Sizzlin District Manager Salary: $60,000

  • Some Other Positions

Some other positions at Western Sizzlin include being a team member whose main job responsibility is to take orders and deliver them. They make sure the buffet is stocked at all times, handle customer complaints, clear tables off and clean them, restock plates and utensils for the buffet, and make sure store is clean at all times.

Western Sizzlin Job Application Form Online

Western Sizzlin’s official website allows users to browse for different available career opportunities and job positions at all their different locations. The website link http://franchiseus.western-sizzlin.com/ideal_candidate.html provides a comprehensive database for available jobs.

At http://franchiseus.western-sizzlin.com/sizzlin_opportunities.html applicants can easily locate a restaurant near them so they can apply in person. Before they apply they need to make sure they meet all qualifications required by the job position.

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