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Wetzel's Pretzels
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Established: 1994
Employees: 450
HQ: Pasadena,California
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Wetzel’s Pretzels Job Description

Wetzel’s Pretzels is a California based chain of fast food restaurant based in Pasadena. The restaurant is famous for it special type of baked food called pretzels. It also sells other food products like Sinful Cinnamon and Almond Crunch. The unique flavor it provides to its baked dishes especially hot dogs, which makes this restaurant a common name amongst its customer. Along with providing a unique experience to its customer Wetzel’s Pretzels also takes care of its employees need. Wetzel’s Pretzels hires candidates who are competent enough as well as willing to give their 100% to the company. Hardworking, jovial and well qualified are some of the pre-requisites for any job description in Wetzel’s Pretzels.

Wetzel’s Pretzels Job Positions and Duties

  • Wetzel’s Pretzels Store Manager Job Description

The core responsibilities of a store manager is to control the day to day activities of the restaurant, including the development of the restaurant team. He or she takes care that the company’s safety, security and policies are well met. The store manager has to look after the marketing, financial, sales and the inventory management of the restaurant. It also imparts the duty of a trainer by providing training to other employees like the kitchen and restaurant managers and personal. Since the working atmospheres of the managers are very fast paced, the managers are expected to cope up with the stress and pressures. He or she must have the ability to take quick decisions keeping in mind the terms and policies of the company. The manager should also be very strict in maintaining the reputation of the restaurant among its customers.

The average annual pay scale: $ 58,600

  • Wetzel’s Pretzels Cashier Job Description

Cashier is one of the most important people in a restaurant. The cashier is a person doing multi-task because he or she has to maintain not only the cash register but also has to take care of the services of the restaurant. The main duty of the cashier is to make the bills of the customers, receive payment and maintain the cash box. But besides this on some occasions the cashier is also required to maintain the services of the restaurant like taking orders and meeting the requirements of the customers. In order to perform the task properly, the cashier needs to have good knowledge in quantitative aptitude and good skills in maintaining the cash register. Besides this restaurant cashier must also have a strong interpersonal skill and patience. The cashier must have the ability to deal with customers of different background and temperament.

The average hourly salary of Cashier:$11.24

  • Wetzel’s Pretzels Cook Job Description

Like any other restaurant, the cook in Wetzel’s Pretzels is responsible for menu planning as well as preparing the food, keeping in mind the companies policies and directions. The cook must know the method of preparing the food as well as the basic cleaning activities like cleaning the food utensils and the surface where the food is cooked. As a cook, he or she is also responsible for the packaging of the food, so that the taste and flavor is maintained till the food is consumed. Good knowledge on food preparation is required by the cook and also the art of operating different type of cooking equipments like grills and ovens. It is the duty of the cook to make sure that the food prepared by him is best in quality and quantity and also meets the company’s standard.

The average annual salary of the cook: $49,000

Wetzel Pretzels Job Application Form Online

Besides the above mentioned employment description, Wetzel’s Pretzels also provides various other career opportunities depending upon requirement and locations. The more data about the career opportunity can be downloaded from the website of Wetzel’s Pretzels: – http://www.wetzels.com/.
You can get the database of different openings and can apply online.

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