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Wisteria Job Description

Wisteria is located in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas with 75 employees. Wisteria is a rising and active multi-channel business of antiques and decorative stuff for the home and garden. Wisteria is currently in search for individuals who can grow and develop professionally for the continuous and long term success of the company.

Wisteria Duties and Responsibilities

  • Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator is creating and maintaining the daily Harbour Master Report; keep outside PO management system with our forwarders for new purchase orders; work daily with Forwarders/Vendors/Merch to approved new shipments; keep the entire records and documents for every shipment including customs filings; lead well-timed delivery of all required shipment documents to Wisteria and our Forwarders; working closely with our agents to provide the HTS codes and / or other information necessary for our classification of products; key the Master Packaging Report; meeting all provisions of new products as it relays to packaging and updating this on a weekly basis; working with International Vendors to gather lacking packaging data as considered necessary; direct numerous projects at the same time; keep a professional environment; retain outstanding intra-departmental contact; and proofread approaching catalogs and the website.

Logistics Coordinator Salary: $35,000.00

  • Director of marketing

The Director of Marketing is accountable for the entire marketing features as it relates to ecommerce, email, catalog and retail controls; creating yearly and quarterly planned and tactical marketing procedures; accountable for spirited examination and strategy; evaluate the efficiency of the marketing department and execute improvements; manage and train existing and new marketing staff; ensure timely and effective execution of the marketing tactics and programs; generate and uphold marketing financial statements; make a monthly rundown report and complete quarterly and yearly marketing reports; effort to create the media schedule negotiates the rates, arrange the deliverables and implement; summarize and measure all campaigns throughout the entire channels; boost and preserve Wisteria’s e-commerce existence by mounting exchange rates and supporting in building wisteria.com a destination to purchase, educate and amuse customers; accountable for directing tactical SEO initiatives along with Web Site Optimization (META, Title, Copy Recommendations etc…); accountable for managing customary marketing and PR; work in partnership with the Production department to guarantee a reliable look and influence between all channels; distribute information all through the company internally as well throughout all media channels externally; running a team of enthusiastic and aggravated professionals; keeping a professional environment; and outstanding communication with all Vice Presidents and Directors as well as all affiliates of the company.

Director of Marketing Salary: $80,000.00

  • Associate SEO Coordinator

The Associate SEO Coordinator will be assigned in upholding and optimizing web contents which consists of more than 20-100 new products a month; work in partnership with the IT department to guarantee technical issues are communicated and are worked from end to end; help in maintaining yearly eCommerce objectives, financial plans, and strategies; execute Internet advertising strategies and tactics to drive web-site traffic and advance adaptation, standard order size, and repeat visits; advertising and Merchandising efforts; and gauge and report on success of the entire marketing efforts through Google analytics.

Associate SEO Coordinator Salary: $40,000.00

Wisteria Job Application Form Online

Visit them online at their company website. Additional job openings are also listed.

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