Working Persons Enterprises Inc.

by Publishing Team on January 12, 2011

Working Persons Enterprises Inc. Job Description

Working Person’s Enterprises is a multi-channel vendor of first-class recognized work wear, footwear, protection gear and accessories through its website, retail store, industrialized shoe mobile and direct sales operation. The Company has developed profits at a complex yearly growth rate over the trailing five-year phase. Currently, the company is in hunt for disciplined career individuals who would contribute to ongoing company success.

Working Persons Enterprises Inc. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Outside Sales (Representative)

This position is the most important and at times the only contact that a company has with other businesses. The company’s status will time and again be dependent upon how the outside sales representative performs their business. The main task of an outside sales job is to make earnings and profits for the company. The outside sales typically includes calling on existing business customers within an assigned area and escalating the quantity and dollar amount of their orders. Additionally, outside sales can demand a definite degree of cold calling to get new businesses, which can help counterbalance attrition or toss among the existing customer base. The outside sale is also responsible for organizing PowerPoint sales presentations and utilizing sales resources when calling on clients and prospective new accounts. The outside sale frequently includes dealing with customer complaints, resolving definite problems with deliveries, like breakage or wrong orders, and rescuing an apparently missing business account.

Outside Sales Salary: $40,000.00

  • Inside Sales (Representative)

An inside sales calls up potential customers, gives details on his or her company’s products or services, finds out if the prospect can employ the product or service, and tries to seal a deal. One of the key tasks of an inside sales are to cold call potential customers. Some inside sales call existing customers of the company to attempt to advertise other products or services. Inside sales must do follow up on the sale and offer customer service support.

Inside Sales Salary: $40,000.00

  • Customer Service (Representative)

The customer service staff works together with customers via phone, postal mail, email, fax, and personally. The customer service engages in managing customer inquiries. The customer service representative needs to attend to customer inquiries in a timely manner. The customer service representative frequently brings about facts entry of customer information, recording the character of customer correspondence such as customer protest, purchase or report call and writing document mail. This position is also in charge for mailing out advertising material for new products or services and calling customers launching a new product or service for buying concern.

Customer service Salary: $30,000.00

  • Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk executes a lot of tasks from backroom computations to front counter customer service. A clerk is regularly accountable for redistributing the day’s revenues, recording and totaling deposits. He or she must also be feature oriented and excellent with figures. In addition, operating with adding machines, calculators, files and bank’s financial records is a usual part of the profession.

Accounting Clerk Salary: $35,000.00

Working Persons Enterprises Inc. Job Application Form Online

Visit jobs application at Working Persons Enterprises Inc.’s company homepage under its career page.

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