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Yoshinoya Job Description

This is a restaurant that has come from far and has a lot of history. The little town of Yoshino is the hometown of the founder. A lot of Yoshinoya’s menus are inspired by the Japanese culture and a slogan it has always maintained; “for the people”. This is a perfect place for the young and old alike, for those who want a taste of some of the finest meals. There is a perfect blend of eastern and western meals in this chain of restaurant at reasonable prices.
The first Yoshinoya was started in the 19th century and it was more than 80 years before the first one was opened in LA. It is spread in many other international locations, all serving up interesting Japanese recipe. This is a perfect way of promoting Japanese culture all over the world.

Yoshinoya Job Positions and Duties

  • Yoshinoya Cashier Job Description

A cashier mans the cash register, so one has to have the skills in the operation of a cash register. The experience in the same kind of a job is very important for a cashier. This is one of the most reliable people in a restaurant since he may double as a receptionist as well. a cashier should know how to process cash payments and non-cash payments. He should be able to talk to the customers of other payment options available to them. The cashier needs to think on her feet in the case of an emergency, if for example a credit card has been rejected.

Yoshinoya cashier’s salary: $6-8 per hour

  • Yoshinoya Cook Job Description

The cook has to work as a team player in the kitchen and cooperate with the rest of the cooks in making the foods. Cooks have to be skilled in attractive serving of food. All the items in the menu have to be cooked and each cook has to perform his part well. in the event of understaffed restaurants, it is the work of the head cook to see to it that the management is told of the situation. Cooks have to maintain a high sense of hygiene in the kitchen as well as personally.

Yoshinoya cook’s salary $7 to 8.5 per hour

  • Yoshinoya Shift Manager Job Description

The shift manager is the overall manager of a Yoshinoya for the duration of a shift. Normally, all Yoshinoya restaurant staff work in shifts and each shift has a shift manager. The shift manager has to lead by example by arriving in time and being neat and presentable. He is the one who will greet the arriving customers with a smile and make sure they have comfortable seating. The shift manager will ensure that all workers arrive in time and are presentable. Food has to be served in time and attractively so, and this is the shift manager has to ensure.

Yoshinoya shift manager’s salary: $17 to 19 per hour

  • Yoshinoya Store Manager Job Description

The management at Yoshinoya includes several people with several functions, like the store manager. This person may not be in the upper management but is still valued as part of the Yoshinoya family. What is expected of him is accountability and so every application for a store manager position will be thoroughly checked to make sure a person has been accountable. The store manager has to see to it that all store clerks are in their working stations and doing their jobs. He will also make sure that store records are accurate.

Yoshinoya store manager’s salary: $12.5 per hour

  • Some Other Positions

All workers at Yoshinoya must have the core values of Yoshinoya at heart. One has to put clients first and strive to be original. Aside from that is the experience of working in similar settings and the willingness to learn fast and adapt to the same environment. One has to have the skills in whatever job he is applying for. One has to be enthusiastic and understand the dynamics of restaurant businesses. Everything about Yoshinoya is centered on value to the customer and this is what it promotes all over the world and all employees have to promote these values.

Yoshinoya Job Application Form Online

The well known Yoshinoya restaurant has a lot of values and what makes it different here http://yoshinoyaamerica.com/content/show/19753 as for those who want to become part of the Yoshinoya family,here is some information on the jobs

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