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Zaxby’s Job Description

With strong core values that are influential across the board, Zaxby’s has come a long way from the restaurant that was imagined by Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley. Today Zaxby’s is become one of the fastest growing chicken restaurants in the US. They are exceptionally customer minded with their first core value firmly based on the satisfaction of them. Their second core value is that they recognize that employees should be trained and invested in so that they become strong leaders within the company. Operational Excellence ranks third on their list which proves that they value quality and standards in everything they do. Fourthly they want to prove that they can achieve what they say they can and more by embracing change as and where needed so that they can build upon their already solid foundations.

Zaxby’s Job Positions and Duties

  • Zaxby’s Counter Staff Job Description

As a Zaxby’s Counter Staff employee you will need to have a general knowledge of mathematics and English. A friendly and cheery attitude is also required along with a polite and caring manor. Zaxby’s believe in ensuring that the customer comes first and their experience whilst in a Zaxby’s store is an enjoyable and stress free one. Honesty is a quality that is important along with good customer service skills. Training will be given to the right candidate. You can choose to work either full or part time shifts depending on your requirements. Zaxby’s offers a good range of benefits to their employees so that will always have good incentives to work hard and excel at their chosen career.

Zaxby’s Counter Staff Hourly Salary: $7.42

  • Zaxby’s Kitchen Staff Job Description

Working in a kitchen can be a very exciting place especially if that kitchen is one of many within the Zaxby’s restaurant chain. You will be working in a fast paced environment that will require you to have impeccable hygiene skills to ensure that the food that is produced is of the highest standard. You will need to be able to work as an important member of a team who together are the key to the business, without a stable and hardworking team Zaxby’s impeccable reputation would not be there. Training will be given so that you can gain new skills which will see you in good stead in your life.

Zaxby’s Kitchen Staff Hourly Salary: $7.56

  • Zaxby’s Cashier Job Description

Working as a Cashier at Zaxby’s is an exciting and fun opportunity to meet and greet lots of new people on a daily basis. No two days are the same which is what makes working at Zaxby’s filled with so much promise. Mathematical skills are required and you also need to be trustworthy as you will be responsible for handling money and being accountable for any shortfalls. Because of this you need to be on the ball at all times, concentration whilst working but also having the ability to have a polite conversation is important as your contact with the customer will be one of the first they encounter and first impressions are very important.

Zaxby’s Cashier Hourly Salary: $7.03

  • Zaxby’s General Manager Job Description

As the General Manager you will be managing a Zaxby’s restaurant where you will be in charge of increasing the revenue that the current restaurant produces. You will be responsible for monitoring the standard of food that is produced by the kitchen so that the customer always receives the best quality that Zaxby’s can produce. Team members and staff are also under your control with the hiring, discipline, training and even firing if so required. You will also be working closely with the supervisors, assistant manager etc so that the restaurant runs smoothly at all times.

Zaxby’s Manager Yearly Salary: $39,676

Zaxby’s Application Form Online

To apply for any of the jobs mentioned above or others that are available follow this link here you are able to choose the State and City you are looking for which then directs you to a page where you can view each available job, and then apply for that job.

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