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Friday 6th of May 2011 Dallas Texas
I work as a shift manager at a dominos I have to say this job is very stressful so if you are not patient do not even think of appying another thing the customers are by far the most rude people ive ever seen and their are alot of scammers what is a scammer you ask it's a person who calls orders extra cheese and gets it then calls back and says they ordered pepperoni and most of the time the general manager will send something free out to them what I do not understand is if we send out soo much free food why are there charts of the food we are supposed to use this is a part time job not a career I once had the district manager come in and I made a pepperoni pizza unfortunately it had 5 more pepperonis then the chart demanded so I had to remake it and here him tell me how simple it is to put exactly 30 peperonnis on medium pizza while all the phones are ringing on a Friday night rush I make a little over min wage 8 dollars per hour which is not bad for part time job I am very laid back person there are no breaks no lunch breaks no breaks what soo ever sure there are times were we are not busy and we can relax a bit but not long because there is always some customer that will call and ask every question in the book and while they do that there is another customer who will want to ask every question in the book on hold I honestly do not know were the customers get the money to even buy pizza because they are soo freaking stupid I don't know who on earth would hire there dum ass seriously the job is do able and very easy sometimes but the customers are just horrible they have no manners they seem to think you are not human or you are a robot or something if you do order please be polite and know what you want before you call if you do I promise the people that work there will give your pizzas extra toppings or possible an even better discount trust me and always tip your delivery driver this job is an ok job I would recommend being very patient because you will need it trust me good luck.

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