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Tuesday 26th of July 2011 New York
I agree with Wisconsin, Mrs. Fields is and awful place to work. I worked in Mrs. Fields in New York. I have been disrespected by the owners, manager and supervisor. I heard the owners, who are also the managers, say racial slurs, and verbally harrass other employees including myself. We get paid minimum wage. $8.00 an hour sounds like a dream and in my case it is. There is no overtime pay. Any hours over 40 are paid at your regular rate and applied to a future check of less than 40 hours or paid in cash. If your time is not 100 percent committed to the store the manager will spitefully cut your hours and/or days, so that means there's no way to further your education. There is no opportunity for advancement. It is a family owned franchise so only family gets the management jobs.The cookies are not made fresh. Any cookies from the night before are wrapped up and saved for the following day.The cookie case's humidifier is broken so the cookies are never warm. The establisments has no ventilation and you can expect temperatures of 96 degrees on a cold summer day. It's a horrible place to work so people please be aware!!! It's just a dead end job that takes you nowhere and just a waste of time.

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