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Friday 18th of February 2011
I applied and was hired about 3 weeks ago. I have quite a bit of experience under my belt when it comes to working in a kitchen and just the food service in general. I have been given the opportunity and schedule to be able to continue with my college which is great, but the overall atmosphere and duties that are given here at this particular establishment are very disorganized. I began training and one thing that was mentioned during this process was that all dishes must go out in a timely fashion and remain in the manner as the dish is written in the recipe book. Which i thought was very true! This is how the company has intended it to be and is the way it should be. But unfortunately when one man is trying to perform numerous tasks at once it tends not to be so. Maybe it is because of efforts to control labor costs? Or maybe it is just the way Ocharleys has its kitchen set up.. But I will tell you from my own experiences that one man cant run a salad station and saute station all at one time and produce a quality product that the recipes intended. Only way to do so is by having numerous salads prepared before business hits you and by doing this it allows salads to set more than 30 mins and therefore does not produce a quality product. In this respect I think that Ochareleys as a whole should evaluate this issue and determine whether labor costs or quality products are more important.

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