Architectural Manager Job Description

Architectural Managers are responsible for developing designs of construction projects and coordinating construction work contracts. To fulfill these functions, they must be familiar with designing, supervising and managing construction contracts.

They focus in technical documentation and coordination, serving as the interface between construction site operations and head office.

Nature of Work

Architectural Managers are involved in the planning, organizing and management of architectural activities within the organization. They review project plans and approve architectural specifications contained in the plan. They oversee and prepare feasibility studies and reports, making sure that designs comply with current standards and that all documents are accurate and consistent. They are the ones who are in charge of establishing, reviewing and scheduling of work priorities of personnel in the architectural department. They change personnel workload arrangements as needed, doing it in a flexible manner, taking steps to ensure that workload across all personnel is even. They lead, mentor and motivate personnel in order to ensure their safety, well-being and service are in consonance with the goals of the organization and high standards. Architectural managers are responsible for monitoring the preparation of documents and contracts for construction projects and related professional services. They are also in charge of reviewing funds, changing orders and preparing estimates for all projects. They monitor the performance of contractors to ensure that all jobs pass quality control procedures and that all requirements are carried out. They evaluate bids from contractors and make recommendation for awarding contracts. Acting as Project Leader of various teams, they delegate work to other technicians and personnel and make judgments about the best way to solve issues and problems.


Candidates for Architectural Managers must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture or engineering. Some employers require that they must be registered as licensed architects in the state where they will work. Being architects, they should know the principles and practices involved in architectural design. In addition, they should also know techniques in designing, constructing and maintaining architectural projects. As managers, they should know the principles and practices of project management, contract development and cost estimating.

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