Architectural Internship Job Description

by Publishing Team on September 30, 2010

With the right supervision, the architectural intership’s responsiblity is to assess, plan, master planning and professional architectural design of public buildings and improvements.

It is also the responsibility to project proposal for building as well as design and construct; Also, to coordinate the construction of projects with contract architects and affected departments; and performs related work as deemed necessary. .

The main duties of the architectural internship is to:

  • Perform architectural design of projects
  • Make cost estimates;
  • Prepare outline specifications for specified projects;
  • Review requests from county departments for construction or remodeling as assigned;
  • Consults and requesting departments to determine design requirements, modifies plans and discusses changes with departments;
    It is also their responsiblity to coordinate with other departments in the preparation and administration of design and construction contracts;
  • Administer design and construction of contracts by reviewing designs, specifications, estimates, and the like.
  • Verifies that all contractual terms have been met;
  • Architectural internship should have knowledge of architectural design and cost estimation as well as materials, methods and equipments used in different buildings
  • He or she should also have the ability to design and prepare plans, specifications, and cost estimates for building projects; effectively communicate orally and in writing especially on project consultation and design; coordinate project design and construction by consultants and contractors; maintain effective relationships with other employees, departments, contractors, and the public.

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