Heavy Equipment Mechanic Job Description

A Heavy Equipment Mechanic performs skilled tasks in the mechanical repair and maintenance of heavy trucks, earth moving, and related construction equipment road graders, gasoline and diesel powered tractors, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and dozers.

Primary Objective:

  • A Heavy Equipment Mechanic is primarily responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of heavy equipment.
  • A Heavy Equipment Mechanic is primarily responsible to fix any heavy equipment that might break down.
  • A Heavy Equipment Mechanic primary objective is to follow the instructions given to him by the shop foreman.
  • A Heavy Equipment Mechanic repairs and adjusts hydraulic pumps, safety valves, and load packers on garbage and dump trucks. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic is expected to attend special training and familiarization workshops dealing with innovations in heavy equipment operations, repairs, and maintenance. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic inspects repairs and adjusts diesel power units, hydraulic systems, injection valves and systems, mold boards, and scarifies on road graders. He must also inspect, adjust and repair gasoline and diesel tractors, and hydraulic and cable operated attachments on tractors. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic repairs and maintains trenching machines and sets proper grade.

    The Heavy Equipment Mechanic is expected to perform incidental welding operations on equipment. He is required to have some welding knowledge as well as experience in the field. He communicates any unsafe conditions or accidents/injuries in a timely manner to the supervisor in order to facilitate prompt correction or reporting. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic must demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic knows the hazards of his job and is trained in safety precautions of the trade. The other very vital thing that the Heavy Equipment Mechanic must have a great knowledge in is of course the operation and maintenance requirements of heavy duty construction equipment.

    The Heavy Equipment Mechanic must have skills in the care and use of hand and power tools employed in all phases of heavy equipment mechanical maintenance and repair work. His skills must also include the use of automotive servicing equipment such as A/C recycler, hydraulic jack, or emission analyzer. The skills that most Heavy Equipment Mechanic has are acquired while he is working on the job. Most Heavy Equipment Mechanics learn their trade while working with other Heavy Equipment Mechanics. In order to get the position, however, they must have five years of experience as a skilled automotive mechanic, including some experience in the repair and maintenance of heavy duty construction or firefighting equipment. Some have worked as an apprenticeship in construction companies for several years and then can acquire a position as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic.

    The Heavy Equipment Mechanic must have the ability to diagnose defects in heavy duty equipment. They also need to be able to understand and carry out oral and written instructions in the English language. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic abilities include completing forms to record or report information in standard format as specified by the form. They observe or monitor objects to determine compliance with prescribed operating or safety standards. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic installs replaces or adjusts filters, belts or similar objects to maintain equipment. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic makes skillful, controlled manipulations of small objects to repair equipment. He is most efficient when it comes to reading, understanding and applying information from charts, graphs, and manuals.

    The Heavy Equipment Mechanic must be able to remain in a standing position for extended periods of time. He must be capable of lifting arms above shoulder level to install and remove transmission components as well as bend or stoop repeatedly over time to check air pressure on tires. He must be capable of manipulating tools in areas of limited spaces. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic must be able to move heavy objects fifty pounds or more long distances. Of course the Heavy Equipment Mechanic works safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others. The Heavy Equipment Mechanic has positions that will require the performance of other essential and marginal functions depending upon work location, assignment or shift. In some cases his position requires the use of his own personal vehicle. He may use city vehicles when he is conducting business on behalf of the city.

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    jumel pecasis Friday 18th of March 2011
    Experiences -Engine repair and tune up -Troubleshooting mechanical -repair and overhauling the vehicle - replace and repair body parts, hydraulic arms and grader

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