Auto Detailer Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 13, 2011

For some of us cars are not only a need but an obsession. Others have this atypical compulsion with their car; they want to make it look superior as it can possibly be and as high-speed as it can go. Washing and waxing cars are ways to keep vehicles look their best but nothing rejuvenates a car or maintains its condition to an utmost value like auto detailing. Because of this, you might think about being an Auto Detailer.

Are you interested? Let’s talk about other details of the kind of work of an Auto Detailer.

What is an Auto Detailer?

An auto detailer is the one who washes, waxes, polishes and refurbishes cars both inside and out. It may be similar to the usual car wash and vacuum but the difference is that auto detailers take a step further by bringing back cars to its newly produced condition as possible.

Duties of an Auto Detailer

  • Auto Detailers wash the cars’ exterior using cleaning solutions and other cleaning equipment. They also rub on wax to the auto body and wipe the surface to protect it and protect the vehicles’ shine by using a buffing machine.
  • An Auto Detailer also vacuums the interior of a car to get rid of dirt and debris.
  • They also clean the engine and its compartments using steam cleaning equipment and other cleaning agents to take out grease and grime.
  • Auto detailers also paint engines and other associated parts, making use of spray gun or aerosol can and lay on paint to flaked surfaces of cars, using touch-up paint.

Work Condition of an Auto Detailer

  • Auto Detailers may both work inside a garage or outside in a lot. They regularly have time-consuming shifts that comprise weekends and holidays.
  • They work around toxic agents, so they must follow specific safety precautions so as to minimize health threat. Auto detailers in addition would be working with vacuums and other loud equipments, so ear protection may also be essential.

Educational Requirements of an Auto Detailer

  • A high a school diploma is the only formal education requirement. Their training is done on-the-job and is taught to use different detailing equipments. They may have basic knowledge about vehicles and repair but is not necessary.

Occupation and Progress of an Auto Detailer

  • Car dealers usually hire Auto Detailers to help raise the value of a used up car. Other individual would employ Auto Detailers from time to time to obtain a better outcome than having the usual car wash. This can be a low stress job and with a decent pay. There can also be a likely for progress into supervision or sales pose.

There is a crucial year ahead for automobile industry. Most people nowadays would opt to buy used cars. This is where your job as an Auto Detailer comes in for these individuals. This is an amusing job with great level of independence. Choose this wonderful career now to experience the finest job this automobile business has to offer.

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