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Dining Room Utility Job Description

The dining room utilities are the ones in charge of controlling various tables within a service station. They maximize the efficiency and quality of food and beverage service.

They ensure that guests are satisfied at all times. Dining room utilities also have other responsibilities which also involve making sure that the place is clean and neat.

The Dining Room Utilities must be able to do the following tasks:

  • The dining room utilities perform manual work in maintaining a clean and orderly food service operation.
  • They do general cleaning duties including but not limited to cleans, mops, sweeps and dusts the dining room facilities.
  • They change light bulbs, stack worktables, arrange chairs, and do other miscellaneous jobs including cleaning floor drains.
  • They receive, store and distribute supplies for the dining area.
  • They clean, wash and polish dining equipment.
  • They perform all tasks necessary in the dining room.
  • They supervise student or temporary employees during a minor portion of the employee’s work time while in the dining room.
  • They launder items required for operational needs.
  • They may wash eating utensils, pots, pans and traps and maintain neat appearance of dining areas.
  • The dining room utilities should maintain the highest standard of professional ethics.
  • They must emphasize and project a high image for the restaurant or hotel they’re working with.
  • They should care a lot when it comes to the operating objectives of the restaurant or hotel.
  • They should operate with maximum transparency thereby projecting the truth about general observations.
  • They must guarantee the achievement of daily planning through various activities received.
  • They must follow up on trained elements and tasks, as part of an everyday routine.
  • They should guarantee that services for tables assigned are met.
  • They should take food and beverage orders based on the hotel’s standard.
  • They must deliver food from kitchen and beverages from dispense bars.
  • They may assist busboy or girl in clearing tables if and when necessary.
  • They must follow sequences of work during set-up time and service time.

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