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Gas Station Attendant Job Description

Nowadays, the number of cars and vehicles increase as it becomes a need for people. These cars won’t run without any energy to use right? Some may be solar-powered and others sometimes are battery-operated! Nevertheless, most cars use fuel; and they run to a gas station to fill. But who is there to guide them on pumping the gas? Who is there to check up their vehicles for damages? Who is there to clean those windshields and hood? And who is there to throw the trash and change your bills after you pay? That’s right; every gas station needs an attendant. As the number of cars increase, stations increase in number too, so you may want to consider being a gas station attendant.

What is a Gas Station Attendant?

A gas station attendant is someone who works on a gas station to provide service and assistance to the customers. They can be seen at any gas station in the world because these establishments need them.

Duties of a Gas Station Attendant

  • A gas station attendant must have a good pleasing personality because it is his or her job to greet customers with friendly atmosphere so as to entice them to come back.
  • If the customer is unable to pump the gasoline or the customer prefers not to pump the gasoline, it is the gas station attendant’s job to refuel the vehicle.
  • Gas station attendants are also part of maintenance and repair team. They clean outside parts like windshields and hood and they also repair flat tires and windshield-wiper blades.
  • It is also the duty of a gas station attendant to throw the trash and maintain the cleanliness of the establishment or station.
  • Some gas station attendants are tasked to process the payment of the customer; this includes giving the customer the correct change and processing the credit card if it is the mode of payment.
  • If the attendant is assigned to the cashier area, then it is his or her duty to count the money and check if there is enough change and if the money is correct. It is also the gas station’s duty to record all transactions made and summarizes it for better analysis and check-up.

Work Condition of a Gas Station Attendant

  • Gas station attendants work inside and outside the establishment depending on the task assigned to them. If they are assigned to the cashier booth or the stock booth, then they work inside the establishment; although some cashiers tend to have an office of their own.
  • If a gas station attendant is assigned for repairs and maintenance of a vehicle and of the establishment, then he or she stays outside. This also works for the gas pumpers. They wait outside for customers and assist them to their transaction.
  • A gas station attendant’s schedule depends if he works full-time or part-time. And in order to maintain their good state of health, they have shifts in duty so as not to stress them.

Educational Requirements of a Gas Station Attendant

  • Most employers don’t require an educational background. But they prefer to hire high school students or high school graduates. They don’t require experience because they provide on-the-job training.
  • Although this job has no educational requirement, employers prefer to hire candidates with knowledge about automobiles and common roads for direction-pointing.

Occupation and Progress of a Gas Station Attendant

  • Gas station attendants have different skills. Some may have good business skills and some may have good repair skills. Both ways, if these skills are harnessed and they have interest on promotion, gas station attendants can move up to different positions. Like for a gas station attendant that has good business skills can move up to becoming a supervisor. An attendant with good repair skills can move up to mechanic.

It’s in the attendant’s passion for his work that makes this a success. If you work hard and love your job, it’s no longer a job and this will make it easier and you will become a more effective employee. So start reaching that goal by choosing this wonderful career.

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