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Mechanical Fitter Job Description

  • Repairs and checks mechanical defects in cars, truck, boats, buses, dozers, sweepers, and everything else that is operated by the use of machine. After checking, necessary measures that are to be undergone are discusse and thus made.
  • Fabricates and alters special construction equipment; designs, lays out, repairs or fabricates, with or without blueprints, a variety of metal work ranging from small items to construction equipment to ornamental iron work; cuts, fits, and welds metal, using gas and electric welding equipment; and does brazing and soldering.
  • Is in charge of doing inventory and maintains work records to ensure that no machine is mixed up with the other.
  • Is in charge of training people and employees on the safety practices necessary to be able to fix mechanical problems.


  • Two years of experience in automotive and heavy equipment repair plus an additional one year of welding experience; or,
  • Should have enough training education, or experience that would provide the required knowledge and abilities.

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