Night Auditor Hotel Job Description

When people travel on road or arrive to their destination late at night they may go to a hotel to stay for the night or for a few days. There will be times when they will need assistance from the staff during this late times and the one they can call for is a Night Auditor.

Do you have the stamina to work late at night? Check out the job description if you have the qualifications to have this career.

What is a Night Auditor Hotel?

A Night Auditor Hotel is the one who works at night shifts. They are the one who will greet customers at the lobby and accompany them to the front desk. They have a lot of duties in the hotel operations at night.

Duties of a Night Auditor Hotel

  • Night Auditor Hotel is responsible for taking reservations, registering guest and answering all calls from outside the hotel and call from the guests. They check reservation to look over rooms that should be cleaned and pass this to the housekeeping department.
  • A Night Auditor Hotel runs software programs that they use to settle the cash and bank deposits. They process the credit card transactions and organize the report for the hotel manager. They check the deposits and make sure that it is synchronized with their cash and credit reports. Preparing check-out reports for those guests who are leaving is also their duty.
  • Dealing with any complaints the guest may have during the night and finds solution during the next day if it has the need of the manager is another thing on the list of a Night Auditor Hotel duties. They must conform to the complaints at the most favourable time at the same time respecting their guest.
  • Night Auditor Hotel can also be in charge of the inventory of the housekeeping supplies and all the other supplies that they need to help run the hotel. They inform the guest on places they can visit, talk about all the areas in the hotel and the different types of room they can choose from.

Work Condition of a Night Auditor Hotel

Usually a Night Auditor Hotel works behind the front desk but others would have their own office next to the front desk. Though they work on a graveyard shift, they work forty hours per week. On busy nights they may work on a fast paced environment and work on quiet and slow nights sometimes when there a less number of guests.

Educational Requirement of a Night Auditor Hotel

One is not required to have any specific college degree to get the job but it would be a great help if one have a background in bookkeeping and accounting. Having an experience in working in a hotel and customer service like in call centers is also a plus.

Occupation and Progress of a Night Auditor Hotel

One of the important traits that an applicant must have is the ability to stay up and alert throughout their shift. Those late night people and insomniacs can be perfect for this career. Most of this Night Auditor Hotel are promoted or advance to positions where they are given more responsibilities. They can be assistant general managers or general managers.

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