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Night Porter Job Description

Nighttime is usually the least busy time of the day. However, there are still guests and visitors who need help from hotel staff even at nighttime. One of the hotel employees that deal with guest request is the night porter.

What is a night porter?

Night porters are responsible in the hotel security at nighttime usually from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. They are tasked in covering the hotel’s reception area and are knowledgeable on which of the following rooms are occupied and which are unoccupied.

Duties of a night porter

  • Much of night porter’s time is spent in providing various guest services. They may greet visitors/guests, check-in new guests and help procure important items like toiletries, food items and personal items.
  • Night porters have good communication skills and can quickly solve problems. Guest services may include item deliveries into hotel rooms, providing ordered items and using their computer for checking-in guests and to satisfy their requests.
  • Night porters also ensure the orderliness and cleanliness of the hotel in order to create a good atmosphere for visitors and guests.
  • Their jobs range from stocking and cleaning the beverage area with coffee, water, fruits and other things to cleaning guest’s washrooms and tidying the front desk.
  • Night porters are not required to do heavy cleaning using chemicals as large hotels also employ janitors that are tasked in heavy cleaning. However, light cleaning may also be a part of night porter’s job.
  • The night porters can also perform security duties or work with hotel’s security team and ensure the building’s safety and security.
  • Night porters must know and identify suspicious looking people or events and be able to perform some treatment or intervention for sick and drunk patrons that are passing in the hotel lobby. They must also notify other hotel employees regarding suspicious incidents and security breaches.

Condition of Work

Working in long hours especially overnight is part of the job as a night porter. They usually start their shift late in the evening until mid morning. A night porter works either part time or full time and obtains splitting schedules with non consecutive off.

Educational Requirements

A college degree is usually not required in working as night porters. However, a GED or high school diploma should be presented to the employer as this is the basic requirement in getting the job.

Occupation and Progress

According to U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, night porters gain an average wage of $27,000 per annum. Salaries may also depend upon the employer, size and location of the hotel. Night porters who work in luxury hotels or in a large city can expect higher wage than others.

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