Outbound Call Center Agent Job Description

by Publishing Team on May 2, 2011

In today’s modern society, companies have specialized branches that deal with massive phone calls during a normal business day. This branch is commonly termed as outbound call centers. Below is the information to read on about the job description of an outbound call center agent.

What is an outbound call center agent?

Outbound call center agents are persons who are responsible with lead generation tasks. Call center agents handle with telemarketing emails or calls in order for lead generation.

Duties of an outbound call center agent

  • Outbound call center agents are personnel who work at call center attempting to sell the company’s services or products using phone s or emails. Outbound call center agents work with pre selected phone number list and are mostly equipped with headsets and computer screen.
  • Outbound call center agent is a customer service representative type who serves as links between the customers and the company they are employed through providing customer support on the phone.
  • Specific tasks vary which depends mainly on service and product type. Call center agents may also offer some technical support, hotel reservations or may answer questions from their customer.
  • Outbound call center agents are mostly supplied with sales “pitch” by their company in which they are employed. The pitch consist a couple of sentences or greeting the customer about their products or services and serve as an inquiry for potential customers to provide them more information.

Condition of work

Outbound call center agents mostly work for companies or industries with call center services and are mostly hired by large corporations which includes cell phone or telephone companies and credit card industries.

Educational Requirements

There are no particular educational requirements in becoming a call center agent. However, most outbound call center agents require aspiring candidates with a GED or a high school diploma or equivalent. Most companies provide their call center agents with a good amount of extensive training which typically last about two weeks before candidates are permitted to work. Call center agents should possess an intense work ethic and great sales record in order to gain promotions.

Occupation and Progress

According to United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, job prospects for outbound call center agents are great and are projected to grow by 18%. Additionally, call center agents earn about $8.68 to $9.74 hourly.

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