Receptionist Job Description

The receptionist is expected to mange and handle visitors, consumers, telephone calls through professional and effective manner.

Clerical duties are also expected for them to do such as supporting in any presentation and operation of professional institution.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receptionists are in charge of assisting customers in a very efficient and smooth way.
  • He/she should follow to the protocols created by his/her organization in order to achieve the common goals and missions.
  • He/she should have basic knowledge about different organizations because they are the ones presenting the impression of an institution to the prospects.
  • The receptionist is responsible to answer telephone messages and calls and then relaying it to the person involve.
  • He/she should be capable of giving the needed information to the callers.
  • He/should be of pleasing personality to greet people like visitors and customers entering the organization’s premises and providing accurate destinations for them in the premise.
  • He/she must have knowledge of the personnel’s current location with the complete sign-out/sign-in system for costumers and on-site staff.
  • Receptionist should be capable of handling and dealing questions and requests from the customers. Give usual clerical and administrative support to all professionals.
  • Schedules, organizes and maintains appointments and meetings.
  • Arrange documents and letters.
  • Make sure that every department in the office has the needed office supplies. He/she also monitors the equipments usage in the office.

Degrees and Training to Become a Receptionist

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