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Old Navy Manager Job Description

Fashion is a culture-dependent and culture-dictated industry. It is one of the most flourishing industries worldwide. Old Navy an example of a successful fashion line all of the world. It was a revolution; offering an amazing garments in a very affordable price. Carrying their philosophy, fashion should not be limited for the rich people only; they have set an outstanding mark in the fashion industry. Gaining $5 billion sales per year, Old Navy proves that they could conquer their competitors fairly.

The success of the clothing company is also because of the collective effort of the people who works for Old Navy. Without a very good leadership skill, a company could not make its way to the top. Thanks to the Old Navy manager who is highly competent in making every Old Navy store shine amongst every other clothing line.

What is an Old Navy Manager?

An Old navy manager is expected to have a good discretion and independent judgment. This person must be a very good leady in order to direct the team into its success. He/she is responsible in protecting and driving the brand’s integrity. Therefore this position requires a person to exude self-confidence, professional presence, and enthusiasm. The person who is fit for this job should know how to listen to others and has a great integrity. He/she must manage and monitor the store’s performance, complying with the company’s procedures and consistently acting in accordance to the expectations of Old Navy. Furthermore, it is imperative that this person must promote a positive environment that is contagious to their down line therefore promoting operational excellence.

Duties of an Old Navy Manager

  • Conscious of long and short-term company objectives in making wise business decisions which is also in line with the global perspectives with due respect to the company’s initiatives.
  • Enhances business strategies for the store by managing its operations, finances, merchandise, and human resource.
  • Formulates strategies for Old Navy credit card.
  • Controls systems in the store.
  • Through a great leadership strategy, he/she should create the team’s schedule in order to support the business’ needs.
  • Predicts and supervises the store’s progress with respect to its goals and key targets.
  • Utilizes an effective marketing techniques and campaigns so as to promote the brand more.
  • In charge of opening and closing the store in harmony with the Old Navy’s standards thus performing a leader-on-duty responsibility.
  • Monitors and adjusts daily planner accordingly when opening the store.
  • Ensures that all store employees are following the company’s policies and procedures.
  • Makes sure that all leaders and associates are using recovery statements in order to lessen external loss.
  • Follows Risk Management and Safety measures.
  • Meets the Store Compliance Audit necessities.
  • Establishes a culture that guarantees that the customer is the sole focus of all the store’s activities.
  • Ascertains the brand’s integrity.
  • Accurately evaluates own manager performance therefore giving accurate performance feedback.
  • Writes and reports annual performance evaluation for the team.
  • Recruits, screens, and hires an excellent talent.
  • Deals with the team’s poor performance and corrects them whenever necessary.
  • Acts as a mentor within the team.
  • Delegates necessary tasks and responsibilities to some of the deserving team member.
  • Focuses on the team performance and grounds them of what the company’s objectives are.

Work Condition of an Old Navy Manager

An Old Navy manager works as a team leader within a “team” or a store. He/she works within a store/s. If this person is assigned to multiple stores, this person must be visible within the store area so as to know the real condition of its members and the sales status of their company. This person is assigned to write reports about the store’s condition. Also, he/she is responsible in opening and closing the store.

Educational Requirements of an Old Navy Manager

An Old Navy manager is required to have a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree or any equivalent degree. The candidate must have a very good management and leadership skill. Having a unit in fashion or dress making is preferable but is not really a main requirement, as long as the applicant is a knowledgeable of the changes and trends in retail landscape or in the current fashion trend. Moreover, the candidate must be able to communicate well with the customers or with the store personnel. Lastly, the applicant must not only know his way around the stock room and the sales floor but with the office as well.

Occupation and Progress of an Old Navy Manager

Old Navy stores are available all around the world. It is a very well-established clothing line with several branches world wide. Therefore, applying for a position as a manager would not be a problem. However, since this company has been in the industry for so long, they are very selective when it comes to the applicants. The applicant must pass the qualification first before being considered as a part of the team.

An Old Navy manager can be a very good profession for it allows the person to use the inner leader in him. It opens a lot of doors of opportunity for this person. He/she must always abide by the company’s philosophy and goals in order to move forward and progress as a person and as a team.

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