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Assistant Principal Job Description

An assistant principal is also called as a vice principal as they help ensure that a school or institution runs smoothly and accordingly. We commonly see them as a public figure in school and they are being regarded as the head of the school because teachers, student, and employees alike pay due respect to them in the faculty or anywhere inside the campus. An assistant principal is also like a principal but they have specific responsibilities to perform. Let us know more of what their job entails.

Duties and Responsibilities of an Assistant Principal

An assistant principal is mainly responsible for the overall academic and administrative responsibilities. Say for example, the type of work an assistant principal may have would be working on a curriculum, preparing students’ and teachers’ schedules, or order textbooks and supplies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that assistant principals likewise coordinate support services like the transportation, custodial services, and canteen. Moreover, they can also perform evaluation of a teacher’s performance. However, it is the job of the principal to guide and supervise the teachers, staff, and formulate and implement procedures and policies. On the other hand, the assistant principal may work to set performance goals, generate mission and goals statements, and also the preparation of budget reports.

As an assistant principal, they are also expected to work with students and reach out to them. They can provide counseling sessions that pertains to education, personal matters, and vocational opportunities according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They can also perform disciplinary actions to those students who are always tardy and mischievous during class hours.

Education and Skills Requirement

An assistant principal working in a public school is commonly required a master’s degree either administration or educational supervision. This may take a year or two to finish the whole course. In addition to that, an individual is also required to be a passer of the state licensing as a teacher. However, licensing is not a must for those assistant principals who are working in a private school according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. What do they usually require in a private school is a four-year bachelor’s degree.

To become an assistant principal, one must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills which is according to Education – Portal. The job is sometimes tough and very challenging since they are working with various students with distinct personalities. That is why it is also required for them to have organizational and leadership skills to perform coordination and evaluation of staff, students, and teachers. Apart from what has been mentioned, it is also very significant that an assistant principal must be computer literate since part of their job deals with paper works.

Working Hours

Basically, an assistant principal is working more than 40 hours a week and the extra hours are being spent on weekends and evenings especially when they are called to supervise or attend school – related events. These events may include conferences, meetings, plays, sporting activities, and many more.

Being an assistant principal would need strong commitment and dedication because the job is not that easy to perform. But hard work is paid off not by salary alone but by seeing that the school provides quality education to students so that they will receive the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare them for challenges ahead.

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