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Camp Counselor Job Description

If you are searching for a job that will not put you in the four corners of a room, and something that will not bore you with paper-works then this job is for you. This is a job that will help you build your capacity to understand and deal with individuals of different ages. It is like getting paid while learning and having fun and adventure.

Duties and Responsibilities of Camp Counselor

  • He is responsible for the general well being of each participant.
  • He will attend to the needs of each camper while maintaining his authority over them.
  • He ensures their physical and emotional safety.
  • His main concern is to meet the objectives of each camper and to create routines that will develop their character and skills.
  • He will help each individual to build their self-esteem and confidence, and would act as a model of good behaviour all throughout the time of the camp.
  • He is sensitive to the camper’s need and abilities.
  • He is also responsible for checking the equipments and areas for safety and cleanliness, and for reporting any unexpected conditions.
  • He assists in the implementation and promotion of special days, evening programs and other camp activities.
  • He gives suggestions that would help improve the programs of the camp.
  • As a part of the team, he ensures that all program goals will be attained, and if possible, all expectations of the campers.
  • He works out with other staff to solve difficulties met with the facilities and the programs itself.
  • He also handles the evaluations and documentations of each camp. The documentations include program plans, staff evaluations, camper evaluations, incident reports and supply requisition forms. All of these are handed to the supervisor before deadlines.

In order, to set a good role for campers, and to have a healthy camp, a camp counselor is expected to:

  • Not use unpleasant and offensive words while lecturing or even while disciplining the participants.
  • He should not also permit any destruction of the environment like breaking of branches on the trees or even burning dried leaves, and picking of wild plants and rare animals.
  • He should not also tolerate loud noises from the campers.
  • He should not also threat the campers with any physical punishment in cases campers will not be able to follow simple instructions.
  • And most of all, he should not wear any clothing or hats that suggests or advertise alcoholic drinks, smoking, or anything that is offensive.

Fundamental Skills and Qualifications

  • He should be friendly and knows how to deal with group of different ages. He should have experience in working with kids in a group setting. He should be responsible to his tasks, knows his job pretty well, patient and willing to learn.
  • He must be physically fit and able to maintain consistent supervision with the participants, and also able to maintain an open and effective communication with them.
  • He must be flexible and will to attend the need of others before his own.
  • It is an advantage for his part if he knows the area of the camp, and knows about first aid.

Educational Background of a Camp Counselor

Mostly the educational background of a Camp Counselor greatly depends on what kind of program the camp has. However a bachelor’s degree in counselling and education will be an advantage. But high school and college students has also a good opportunity of applying for this position as a part-time job.

Working Condition of a Camp Counselor

The working area of a Camp Counselor varies widely on what kind of theme the camp has. But most of the time, the camp is usually help outdoors making the safety of each individual a crucial part of their job.

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