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Library Assistant Job Description

Library assistants play a crucial role in colleges or universities with huge libraries. They perform various tasks inside the library in order to maintain orderliness of books and other items. Below are the specific roles and responsibilities of a library assistant.

What is a library assistant?

Library assistants are also known as school library aides which assists students, librarians and teachers within the library. They perform different tasks like customer service, clerical and computer work, and light library maintenance. Their duty helps school librarians in focusing higher-level of responsibilities.

Duties of a library assistant

  • Library assistants sort items, compile records and book shelves, issues items and receive library equipments such as films, books, slides and other phonograph records: They record data as well as due dates that are reflected by hand and use photographic equipment for issuing books to students.
  • A library assistant inspects books if there is damage, verifies due date of returned books and receives any overdue book fines. They review records and issue overdue notice to students.
  • They are also responsible in locating books and other publications for the borrowers and issue identification card to borrowers according to procedures established. They make sure that the cards are filed accordingly into the library’s catalog drawers according to its system. They repairs books if necessary with the use of mending tape, paste and brush and covers new books with a transparent plastic protector.

Conditions of Work

Library assistants work in school library and assists head librarian in many different tasks. A library assistant can work on either part time or full time. It is also beneficial that library assistants possess good communication skills as they frequently interact with vast people.

Educational Requirements

In order to work as library assistant, you need a GED or a high school diploma. Appropriate training usually happens when you get the job. However, some employers mostly prefer candidates with prior work experience. Good computer skills are very essential as most libraries are fully automated.

Occupation and Progress

Job prospects for library assistants are at average level. A library assistant mostly start their career pathways by means of performing simple library tasks which includes shelving periodicals and books as well as placing the cards in the right place. Eventually, they can perform an advanced work like working at the school circulation desk. In addition, those candidates with greater work experience may then apply as a library technician.

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