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The teaching profession is one of the noblest jobs one can have. In the United States, there is an increasing rate of employment as many people are continuously entering in direct teaching, technical training, and skills training, and so forth. Among these jobs rises a profession known as a professor. A lot of youth and even children are seriously looking at this profession and they should not be ashamed of it. Why? Because teachers or professors are the ones who shape up the values of students and supplement the knowledge and their learning needs to be well prepared in the world outside school.

Because you are reading this, perhaps you have an interest in entering the teaching profession. Don’t stop reading yet. You still have to know more on what you will become in the near future.

Description of an Assistant Professor

  • The duties and responsibilities of an assistant professor vary from institution to institution where he or she is working. On the other hand, generally, professors have scopes of duties and responsibilities from teaching tasks to administrative work.
  • The most significant task of an assistant professor is to conduct classes and to teach subjects that are relevant to the learning needs of the students.
  • They also assist the professor in the preparation and formulation of the curriculum which is focused to his or her subject.
  • They are likewise required to perform revival of the curriculum and preparation of developmental programs for the students under the supervision and guidance of the professor.
  • Furthermore, assistant professors are the ones who maintain equipment in the laboratory, making of laboratory arrangements for practical sessions, and giving materials to students for practical purposes.
  • Also part of their work is executing the role of academic advisor to students in which they will clarify any doubts and answer their questions regarding the lesson they have discussed.
  • Assistant professors also perform supervisory and administrative work related to the department and they submit reports to the head professor.

Educational Requirements of an Assistant Professor

  • To become an assistant professor, you have to be well equipped with the knowledge and skills in teaching the related subjects to the students. Thus, to obtain this career, you have to earn first a doctoral degree program in your chosen specialization. In addition to these requirements, you should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills and confidence to speak in front of the public.
  • Another requirement or skill that an assistant professor needs to have is advance computer knowledge to be qualified in the job.
  • If you possess the above skills and requirements, then you are fully qualified to become an assistant professor.

Average Income of an Assistant Professor

  • Like the type of work, the income of an assistant professor depends much on the university or the institution where he or she is employed and likewise on the bulk of duties and responsibilities that under his or her care.
  • The average income ranges from $60,000-$65,000 where factors such as experience and employer size and qualification would determine your exact salary.

Now, you seem to have an idea on the nature of work of an assistant professor. You have to work your way there and see to it that you have the passion and commitment to be of service to everyone who craves for learning and education.

Degrees and Training to Become an Assistant Professor

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