Biology Professor Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 14, 2011

Being a teacher or a professor is one important aspect of everybody’s success. It is said that in school, your teachers are your second parents. You cannot even deny the fact how big their contribution to you. At school, there are lots of subjects. There is English for grammar and speech, mathematics or Algebra for number calculation. Science like biology, general science, chemistry, and etc. Biology is one important subject because biology is the science of living things. With this subject we get to know the beauty and reason for every living thing. That is why, with the help of teachers and professors who are expert with the study of life, you can really make a change and inspire others.

What is a Biology Professor?

Professors are found or they teach in universities of higher education learning. A biology professor is a specialized teacher or professor of biology, the study of life. Being a biology professor entails years of learning, training and experience before you can teach.

Educational Requirements of a Biology Professor

Like any other majors, a professor in biology must take a four-year degree program that may be chosen as a college major course. Aside from that a teaching major is also requisite. A full biology education takes a full advantage and benefits of odd and hands-on experience and training in developing and improving both subject (biology) and teaching competency. Most of biology professors have ph. D Degree which it took them 10 years of studying. For a minimum requirement you will have to have a Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s Degree title if you are planning to teach in higher education.

Duties of a Biology Professor

  • Like any other professors, they aim to impart their learning to students.
  • They are also expected to guide students in laboratories and demonstrations.
  • They are also expected to give and formulate written and oral examination to furnish the student’s learning.
  • They also evaluate the students in their actual performance, instructions, and written exams.
  • They also provide new opportunity for the students to furnish their knowledge and they provide opportunity to ally these in real situations.
  • They give appropriate grades according to the student’s performance.

Work Condition of a Biology Professor

Professors are merely teaching at Universities, Institutions, or Colleges. There schedules may be of changes, it depends on the availability of the schedule slot. They stay at institutions checking papers, giving assignments and lectures. They may be teaching the subject for the whole year or a semester. It depends on the offered curriculum by the school.

Salary of a Biology Professor

Factors like years of practice, the Degree, the location, the position are factors that can affect your salary. An average professor of Biology earns 64 000 USD to 83 000 USD.

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