English Professor Job Description

by Publishing Team on March 23, 2011

Being an English Professor is regarded as one of the most respected and rewarding professions in the world. In a world of vast technological changes we should be reminded that all these would not be achieved if one has not passed an English teachers’ class. English, being the universal language certainly bridged all races, all nations and all kinds of information across this world. Being an English Professor may seem a tedious task but there are many opportunities awaiting this profession of choice.

What is an English Professor?

An English Professor is an expert in the English studies. He holds the highest rank in the teaching profession. He usually heads the department of English studies in a university.

Duties of an English Professor

  • An English Professor supervises teaching, research and publications of certain fields of study which may be used the department.
  • An English Professor performs lectures and seminars pertaining to English studies such as the English language, literature, linguistics, journalism, composition studies, philosophy of language, literacy, publishing and history of the book, technical communication, communication studies, cultural studies, folklore, creative writing, critical theory, digital media and electronic publishing, film studies and media studies, rhetoric, humanities and liberal arts and other fields of studies.
  • He may perform advance research in certain fields in English Studies that may be used in the department.
  • He may also participate in community services by rendering free consultation occupation to the government or non-profit organizations to promote education.
  • An English professor can also guide and counsel graduating students in their chosen field in English Studies.
  • An English professor has administrative duties similar to that of managerial functions in that he manages the department in terms of determining qualified teachers to be taken in.

Work condition of an English Professor

  • An English Professor usually has his own private office in the department. Since he holds the highest position in the department, he handles research, communication with important people and private meetings that require a confidential area where he is likely to perform his duties.
  • An English Professor may even necessitate the services of a secretary or assistant for him to be able to manage his duties. For some the need of an Assistant Professor is required to manage the other tasks such as managing research and supervisory of senior teachers in the department.

Educational Requirements of an English Professor

  • Becoming an English Professor requires a Bachelor’s Degree and then the accomplishment of a Master’s Degree and even a Doctorate.
  • It would also be very helpful if one should have an exceptional record in teaching and accomplished several research programs.
  • Taking an active leadership role in one’s department in terms of administrative tasks would also demonstrate one’s developing management skills.

Occupation and Progress of an English Professor

With Education being made available everywhere, numerous countries are into upgrading the quality of education they have. With these, universities overseas are into hiring English Professors to ensure the highest standards of English studies teaching. With the inception of quality standardization organizations, the academic bar has been raised to include qualified and competent English Professors to spearhead a certain branch of education. The journey towards owning this profession may seem long and challenging, however the stature one shall attain will be immeasurable. With this an English Professor will never have the nightmare of being unemployed. Learning will always be a part of the improvement of education, so does the need for English Professors.

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